10 Questions a Father must ask their Daughter

Bayo Ajibola

As daughters get older, they drift more and more apart from their parents and would rather spend time on their own. It becomes difficult to strike a conversation with them and especially for fathers since they do not know how to break the ice. The right question from a father can set the mood for a good conversation and be insightful of their daughter’s interests.

Here are 10 good questions a father must ask their daughter in order to start a meaningful conversation:

  1. How do you spend your free time? This is a good question for a father looking to find out his daughter’s hobbies and possibly get an invitation to participate sometime.
  2. What are your best subjects in school? School is an important part of growing up and sets the course towards one’s success. Asking your daughter of her best subjects in school gives a father an idea of his daughter’s school life and can be used to address her overall performance in school.
  3. What would you like to be when you grow up? Not everyone dreams of a white collar job at a blue chip company. Some kids have different interest in art, music, theatre that would want to pursue. Asking this question helps shape your daughter’s life towards her dream career.
  4. Would you like to have a family? Every father needs to know their daughter’s opinion on family. Asking this question is an eye opener to understanding your daughter’s perspective on family. It can provide a good platform to give her solid advice on relationships and marriage.
  5. Do you believe in God? Raising your daughter in church does not guarantee that she believes in God. Sometimes it is good to ask their thoughts in God and Christianity or whatever religion you bring them up in.
  6. How do you want to spend your vacation? As a child gets older, they need to find something constructive to do in their free time. School vacation provides an avenue to engage in volunteer work, part-time jobs or learn a short course on something. Asking your daughter this question is an eye opener on how responsible they can be with their time.
  7. What kind of boys do you like? This is a question that most fathers are afraid to ask. However, they absolutely need to since their once small girls will grow up someday and bring home a boyfriend. Asking this question at an early age gives the father an opportunity to direct his daughter’s choice in men.
  8. Do you want a dog? Pets bring out the best in everyone in terms of compassion. Asking your daughter if she wants a dog or any pet gives an insight on how willing she would be to sacrifice a little leisure and be responsible for something else other than herself.
  9. Can we hang out sometime? Spending time with your daughter is an opportunity to meet her friends, know her interests and see the world from her perspective. Asking this question not only gives you an idea of her perfect chill out activities but also an invitation to be a party.
  10. What is the one city you would want to visit and why? What is your daughter’s knowledge of global news, destinations and cultures? It is important to know that they are keen on current news happening all over the world.



Striking a good conversation with daughters becomes less and less easy as they get older. The best way to start the conversation you have been meaning to have for the longest time is to ask a random question in regards to the topic and direct the conversation in finding out more about your daughter.

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