10 Reasons Why Women Stay With Men That Cheat

The decision to stay or leave a cheating partner is a very difficult one to make. The statement “all men cheat” has gained more ground in recent times and has given more men the power to cheat on their partners. Staying with a cheating partner is a personal decision usually backed by one or more reasons. Some of the reasons why women stay with men that cheat are

1. Fear of Being Alone

Most women stay with cheating husbands because they are afraid to be alone. Loneliness, especially after being with someone you envisaged forever with and shared memorable experiences can be scary and heartbreaking.

Ever thought of being single after a heartwarming relationship? It’s the scary and heartwrenching feeling that some women fear, thus prefer to stay with their men. The fear of being alone can also result from insecurity, anxiety, or depression.

2. Low Self-esteem

Low self-esteem can make women feel vulnerable and insecure. A woman with low self-esteem always feels like she is not going to find someone who genuinely loves and cares for her. If she is dealing with a cheating man, she can settle for less than she deserves not minding the consequences.

She can be emotionally abused and used and she will stay put. Such women believe that no other man will want or find her attractive. This feeling has kept many women with cheating men. 

3. Financial Reasons

Studies show that many women stay with cheating men for financial reasons. In many cases like this, the man is the breadwinner and the woman may become powerless if she leaves the marriage. This is because she may not afford to foot the bills, pay the rent, and spend as she has always done. 

Cheating husbands sometimes use finances to control their wives and keep them completely dependent on them. They provide money for their wives and buy them designer clothes, bags, and shoes while they continue with their cheating lifestyle. 

4. Religious Beliefs and Cultural Taboo

Many women would rather remain with a cheating husband than file for a divorce. This is because it is against their religion to end a marriage. For such people, the marital vow “for better, for worse and till death do us part” holds.

They hinge on this and stay in such marriages notwithstanding the irregularities inherent in them. In many religions and cultures, divorce is unacceptable to God except under certain circumstances, such as adultery or cruelty.

5. For the Sake of Children

This is a major reason why most women stay married to cheating husbands. They consider the psychological and traumatic effects divorce will have on their kids and decide to stay married. Sometimes, children blame themselves for their parents’ divorce and may live with the guilt for the rest of their lives.

Most women also consider how much it will disrupt the level of love, care, and support their kids will receive. They also know that their kids need a father figure in their lives. 

6. Convenience

As funny as it may sound, some women stay with a cheating spouse for convenience. Some women stay with cheating spouses. In most cases like this, the women themselves cheat.

So since both parties cheat on each other, it is relatively convenient for them to go about their activities with little or no stress. This is more like an open relationship and it is a lifestyle both have grown to accept. for convenience. 

7. Fear of Change

What if they meet another man that cheats? What if they don’t meet another man? What will become of them? Some women stay with male traitors because they fear change. The fear of the unknown can be very difficult to overcome. She prefers to stay in familiar territory than to wander into the unknown, where she may feel insecure.

Most times they are uncertain about who they’ll meet if they leave the marriage. Sometimes, they stay hoping and believing that their husbands will change. They employ different methods, cook, clean, be more romantic, and more to see if their spouse will change and stop cheating on them. 

8. Denial

Denial is another major reason why women stay with a cheating man. Denial is like a blindfold that prevents women from seeing reality. Friends, family, and colleagues may inform her that her husband is cheating on her even with evidence but she will refuse to believe them.

She may also see the sign herself but still find it difficult to believe. This is usually because she has come to love and completely trust this man who poses as her husband and companion. Women like this stay with their spouses for decades and live like nothing is wrong. 

9. Manipulation

Most cheating men are smart and very manipulative. They manipulate their wives and ensure they stay in the marriage while they stick to their immoral lifestyle. Because of their manipulation and blackmail, their wives develop low self-esteem and become helpless while anxiety and depression creep.

10. Fear of What People Will Say

The society has numerous prying eyes. They openly criticize women who leave their homes without taking into consideration the reason for their actions. This public reaction affects the emotional and psychological state of these women. It may further disrupt their career, their self-confidence, and self-awareness. 

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