10 Ways of becoming a Better Father and Husband

Bayo Ajibola

How to become a Better Father and Husband: Not all men make good husbands; not all men make great fathers. It takes more than age and maturity to be a better man. Sometimes, it’s just a conscious decision that one makes when getting into relationships and family. Here are a few tips to guide you in being a better father and husband:

  1. Be present – Despite the daily hurdles of life, create some time to be around your family. Missing out on important moments in your family’s life such as birthdays, graduations can never be compensated for.
  2. Work hard and provide – Men who provide for their families and ensure their well being make the best husbands and fathers. Basic needs such food, clothing and shelter must be planned for of course within one’s ability. Whether you need to save more or work extra shifts at work, you should try to make your family comfortable.
  3. Protect your family – Protecting your family does not necessarily involve fist fights but also just standing for them. If someone harasses your spouse, you should be able to defend her. Put an end to bullies or simply teach your kids how to stand up for themselves. You may not always be there, but even in your absence let there be something you can do about your family’s safety.
  4. Spend meaningful time and create lasting memories – When you choose to spend time with your family, forget about the important call you are waiting for or the email that you need to send. If possible, put your phone away and just enjoy the moment with your family. Make it all about them that time and they will really appreciate especially if such moments are not as frequent.
  5. Be part of your families milestone – Your spouse has decided to go back to school or get a job, your child is learning how to walk or talk; whatever the milestone, be part of them. Show support to your family and encourage them all through their life stages. This goes a long way in instilling confidence not only in your spouse but also your children.
  6. Communicate – Open communication is a key factor in families well being. Each member should be able to express their feelings and opinions openly and respectfully. Encourage open communication with your family and enjoy a happy home.
  7. Be a role model – Father’s are the first role models for their sons. Be and act like someone you would want your child to emulate. Be the best man to your spouse and a perfect example of a gentleman to your daughter. Practice what you preach and be the first person to volunteer or make a change that you wants your family to follow suit.
  8. Practice a healthy lifestyle – Healthy lifestyle limits the chances of getting chronic illnesses. This guarantees you are in perfect shape to play around with your family and be present for a long time. Lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking should be controlled in order to remain healthy. You should also do sports to maintain the best physical form for your spouse.
  9. Show love and affection – Don’t be shy to tell your family how much you love them. Be affectionate towards your spouse and kids and they will learn to show the same affection to each other and others outside your family.
  10. Be patient – Family can really test your patience. Your spouse may become increasingly annoying and your kids stubborn tempting you to lose your patience. Always look beyond the fault, focus on what it is about them that you actually like and control your anger. Remember that you also have your weaknesses but they still love you anyway.


Being a good husband and father is a double blessing not accorded to all men. It comes with a lot of challenges and learning curves but is the most gratifying achievement of all time. Strive to be a better man for your family and they will love you dearly for it.

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Bayo Ajibola

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