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Holding your baby for the first time after they are born is such a beautiful moment but let’s face it, the process isn’t always a bed of roses. Well, even roses have thorns. Giving birth is not an easy process and the horror stories going around don’t make it any easier for you.

It is normal to be afraid whether it is your first time or not but you need to get over that fear. The delivery room requires more courage than fear, and a lot of concentration, and breathing (and strength, hope and faith). The following can help with that fear.

Close your ears

People will be very eager to share their birth horror stories as a ‘preparation’ for you especially as you get closer to your due date. Just close your ears to them or keep your mind occupied as they speak (give a speech in your mind or just go like lalalalalalalala) until they finish and just tell them how sympathetic you are that their labor went that way.

Arm yourself with facts

Read and read some more about giving birth and all the possibilities. Find out what is myth and what is truth because you will get people telling you not to shower or eat oranges before you give birth because it will make your labor very bad. When you have the right information it is much harder to get swayed.

Keep a positive mindset

Thinking happy thoughts will greatly boost your morale during this time. It is said that as a man (or woman in this case) thinks that is what he will become. Think yourself out of your fears and take a leap of faith.

Go for Lamaze classes

In these classes you will learn how to breathe properly during labor. You will be taught how your partner can help you through this process so that it becomes easier for both of you. Some stretches will also be incorporated to help you exercise, relax and prepare for delivery. These classes should put your conscience at ease because you will have gone through the practical aspects of what you have been reading.

Remember that every woman is different. Your body is not like anyone else’s so your labor will probably just be different from everyone else’s. Focus on the task at hand and follow all the advice the doctor gave you and you will be just fine. Break a leg momma!

Bayo Ajibola

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