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Sweet tooth is a craving, fondness or a strong appetite for sweet foods. Unfortunately, this craving comes with a lot of health problems ranging from diabetes and obesity to tiredness, irritability, anxiety and insomnia. Here are tips on how to curb your cravings.

Pin-Point the Source of the Craving:

Sometimes we crave for something sweet because of our emotions or due to some biological factors like PMS or hypoglycaemia.  Whatever the circumstance, never let your cravings control you. There are better ways to handle your emotions or stress than killing yourself with sweets.

Wait for Craving to Pass:

Cravings don’t stay forever; they only last for a short time (probably 10-20 minutes). Therefore, while it lasts distract yourself with something interesting.


Besides being good for your general well-being, exercise can help curb your cravings.  It’s most effective if done when the craving comes on. Any form of exercise will suffice. Taking a brisk walk for at least 15 minutes takes your mind off your cravings and curbs your appetite for sweets.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself:

Eat a little of what you crave for, this may help satiate the hunger for it. Abstaining totally may give you the feeling of being denied what you love. Remember the keyword is “a little”. Be moderate.

Create a Healthy Combination:

If abstaining from sugar is impossible, try combining it with healthy foods. For example, if you love chocolate, you can make a milk shake or mouse with your favourite fruits and add some chocolate sauce or bits to it.

Keep Fruits and Nuts Handy:

As well as getting your nutrients and fibre, you’ll get some natural sweetness.

Eat Healthy:

Eat a balanced diet and foods rich in fibre. A meal full of carbohydrates and sugar with little or no protein, fat or phytonutrients will only increase your cravings for sugar. This is because the carbs quickly fills you up, satisfies your hunger but gives your body a short-term energy boost. This leaves you feeling famished again and craving for more sugar.Eating a piece of fruit right after a meal also helps.

Eat Regularly:

Don’t wait till you’re very hungry before you eat. Eating regularly will keep you full and help stabilize your blood sugar. Eat at least 5-6 times a day.

Eat Mint After a Meal:

Mint naturally suppresses one’s appetite. If taken after a meal, you won’t have the urge to eat anything more, even sweets. So try chewing a sugar-free gum, it helps.

Drink Water:

This helps in curbing your cravings.

Keep It Out Of Sight:

Out of sight, they say, is out of mind. If you can’t see it, you can’t think about it. Even if you do think about it, if it’s not there you can’t reach for it.

It may not be easy to curb that sugar cravings but it’s possible to do so. With a little bit of determination and focus, YOU CAN overcome those cravings.

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