12 Ways You Can Improve Intimacy Between You and Your Partner

The secret of improving the intimacy between you and your partner lies in the conscious awareness that intimacy involves more than just sex. Intimacy brings partners together, helps break barriers that hinder good communication, and increases mutual trust. 

Couples should know that to improve intimacy, it is not just enough to have the will. It needs both the will and some degree of effort from both sides. To help improve intimacy between couples, we have listed 12 helpful tips you can adopt. Take a good look at each of them. 

1. Declare and Demonstrate Your Love

There are so many ways to show your partner that you care about him or her. They are usually simple and do not need so much preparation to get them done. Things like praising your partner, telling them what your love about them, and how lucky you are to have them can make their hearts warm and put a lovely smile on their faces. Declare your love, and back it up with actions. 

2. Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sex can increase intimacy in your relationship. It is necessary to keep your sex life active. It is common for sex life to drop at certain points in a relationship or marriage. However, it is advisable to renew it through various means convenient for you and your partner. A change in attitude, trying out new positions, talking about it, and seeking help are some ways you can improve your sex life. 

3. Go on Dates

Make out time to go on dates with your partner. It may be in a special restaurant or a nice arena chosen by both of you. It gives you enough space to improve intimacy between you and your partner. Somewhere with very little or no distractions. It should be a place that allows you to focus on your partner; you can talk about each other extensively and ways to improve your relationship. Going on a date allows you to spend a special time with your partner. It’s a time away from home; the kids, noise, requests, and all every possible distraction. 

4. Don’t Keep Secrets

It is normal to keep secrets. Those things we did in the past but regret. We hide them so deep for fear of being judged and rejected. They may also be things we hope to achieve in the future but do not have the courage to share them. To improve intimacy between couples, you should be able to confide in your partner. 

Be honest about your past and things you hope to accomplish in the future. Your fears, your insecurities, business ideas, frustrations, and personal problems. Do not keep secrets from your partner. Be as transparent as possible. It helps build trust and intimacy between both of you. 

5. Talk More

Communication is key in every relationship. Maintain positive energy with your partner. Talk about your marriage, kids, careers, dreams, and aspirations. Let your partner into your world. Stay away from the television, mobile phones, and other distracting devices to talk about anxieties, likes, dislikes, and more. This helps improve intimacy in your relationship and keeps your family together and happy.

6. Try Something New

You need to spice up your relationship by trying out something new. Break the routine and do things you’ve not done before with your partner. Step out of your comfort zone and go the extra mile. It may be going to a new restaurant, exchanging cell phones for a day, or learning something together. This is usually invigorating and helps create a spark in your relationship or marriage. 

7. Therapy

Therapy is not only meant for people who are insane nor couples who are on the verge of ending their marriage. It can serve as a medium to improve intimacy between you and your partner. Often time, you may need new ways of doing things. Seeking the services of a professional helps you achieve this. 

A professional can open your eyes to new ways of doing things and also advise you on things to avoid. There are so many things a professional can help you do but most importantly, they help rekindle the love and butterflies in your marriage. 

8. Talk About Issues

You may fall out with your partner at certain points in your relationship. It is normal but what’s not normal and acceptable is allowing it to linger for a long time. You are both adults and as such, should address issues immediately they arise. It helps improve intimacy between couples. 

Talk about things your partner did that hurt you, it helps them apologize and do better next time. There is no need to frown, keep malice, or avoid each other for a long time because of a misunderstanding. These bruise the relationship. 

9. Reminisce

This can help build intimacy. Think about how you started, how you met your partner, and how much time has passed. Think about the good old days, the memorable experiences you both had, and the fun things you did that brought joy and happiness. These bring smiles and help improve intimacy in your relationship. 

It reminds you of all you’ve overcome and reignite the will to stick together and overcome more. Focus on the positive things that yield positive energy. You can also adopt some beautiful and healthy things you did in the past but stopped doing. They can help build intimacy and strong bonds. 

10. Support Your Partner

There is this great feeling of belonging, love, and affection that comes with knowing that your partner cares about you and supports your dreams. Be there for each other. Walk your partner through their difficult times and encourage them. 

When they ask you for help, be willing to do so. It helps build trust and intimacy between you and your partner. Seek ways to help them achieve their dreams. When they are down, give them hope. Keep your devices away and encourage them. Hug them and reassure them of a solution. 

11. Surprise Each Other

Surprises help strengthen a relationship. It lets your partner know you are thinking about them and want to make them happy. You may hide a handwritten love note beneath their desk or in their most visited areas. You can also buy them clothes, perfumes, wristwatches, or other things they appreciate. These and more are some thoughtful things that help build intimacy between couples. 

12. Love Yourself

The importance of loving yourself and having high self-esteem before and while in a relationship cannot be overemphasized. The level of your self-confidence and self-love is largely reflected in your relationship. It affects the way you act towards your partner and also responds to actions from them. 

It is necessary to love yourself before loving someone else. You obviously can’t give what you don’t have. When you love, respect, and appreciate yourself, you’ll be able to love your partner. This will in turn make them love you better. 

If you really want to build a lasting relationship and improve intimacy in your relationship, you need to put in some effort. These 12 tips when properly adhered to will definitely help make your relationship beautiful and fulfilling. If you need to talk or ask questions, we will be more than willing to help. 

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