14 Sex Rules That Every Couple Must Follow for a Great Sex Life

Bayo Ajibola

GREAT SEX. Sex Tips For Your Marriage
Sex is very important for the survival and health of any marriage. What is needed is not sex for the sake of it, but great sex.

Here some rules for great sex.

  1. Thou shall be provocatively available.

Always be ready and willing to give your spouse sexual joy and fulfillment. Wives should understand that it is okay to initiate. There is nothing to be
embarrassed about because this is your husband!!! The Bride in Songs of
Solomon beckoned 11:13, “Come, my beloved, let us go forth…there I
will give you my love…which I have laid up for you my beloved.”

  1. Thou shall never say no without a good reason.

The husband and the wife may agree not to have sex for a brief time so they can pray more. When the brief time is over, they should continue satisfying each other’s sexual needs. Otherwise they may be tempted into adultery.” You could
only stop having sex under these conditions:
•       If both of you have agreed to do so; neither the husband nor the wife should be forced by the other into “not having sex”.
•       If it is going to take a brief time.
•       If it is for the purpose of prayer.
•       If you will be back together for sex soon.
Lack of sexual fulfillment in marriage is a major cause of marital breakdown and adultery today. The Bible instructs us to continue satisfying each other’s needs lest we give room to the temptation of committing adultery. 1 Corinthians 7:5
says, “Do not refuse to satisfy each other. When you and your spouse take care of each other’s sexual needs you eliminate the possibility of succumbing to sexual temptations and traps outside of marriage that are nowadays so rampant.

  1. Thou shall be affectionate.

There should be no “domestic rape” or “indifferent participation.” Both the husband and wife should be willing. Husbands should never force their wives and wives should Participate and be part of the love-making.  They should not be indifferent.

  1. Thou shall not be ashamed of your body.

Couples should be confident and proud of their looks. Before your spouse can affirm you, be sure of yourself. You were created good. The bride in the Book of Song of Solomon was actually dark, but she was confident that she looked good. You should help your spouse to build esteem concerning their body. And especially the men. Remember Adam and Eve were both naked but not ashamed. Never be ashamed of how GOD made you.

  1. Thou shall appreciate your spouse with sincerity and express your

More than helping your spouse build an esteem concerning their
body, let them know that you appreciate their beauty and that you
are proud of it.

  1. Thou shall not compare your spouse with others.

Your love making experience with your spouse should never be compared with any other. Even in your mind, do not compare it with your past sexual experiences
or fantasies. This can destroy your marriage because you will be expecting your spouse to be what they are not. Your spouse is unique!! In your eyes, let your spouse remain the best.

  1. Thou shall remain sexually attractive.

Always do your best to remain sexually attractive. Stay fresh. Do it not only for yourself but also for your spouse. Your spouse will be attracted to you more
when you are fresh and provocative. Do the basics. Take a bath and brush your teeth. Failure to do this can be a total turn off to your spouse.

  1. Thou shall do it in privacy.

The honor and joy of sex is in privacy. Privacy dignifies sex and adds to its thrill.

  1. Thou shall express your love in choice words.

Don’t be predictable. Go out of your way and add to your romantic vocabulary.

  1. Thou shall explore and enjoy your spouses’ body.

Enjoy your spouse’s body and explore it to give her sexual pleasure.

  1. Thou shall be romantic.

Do not let your romance end with your wedding day. Take her for a weekend getaway. Buy her a lingerie. Go out for a date night.

  1. Thou shall be crazy about your spouse.

Long for your moments of intimacy with your spouse and be sure to let them know.

  1. Thou shall not rush lovemaking.

Husbands, It is important to take your time. The bride  in Songs of Solomon pleaded with her husband, “Until the day breaks, and the shadows flee away, turn my beloved, and be like a gazelle…upon the mountains…” (2:17)

  1. Thou shall have no third party.

Sexual intimacy should only be between you and your spouse, there should be no third person.

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