14-year-old Nigerian Bride Kills Her Husband After Being Married for 5 months

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Aisha Isah, in the above picture, is 14 years old and is alleged to have killed her 40-year-old husband. She married the man, Usiaka Usman, about 5 months ago and they had been living together as husband and wife in Lifari Village until the time of his death.

It is said that she hit her husband on the head with a pestle thus causing his death. The teenager often complained to her family about her husband not providing money for food or upkeep and that he would ask her to go eat at her parents’ house whenever she did.

On that fateful day, a similar situation had ensued since the husband hadn’t provided food for 2 days which led to an argument. The husband slapped Aisha and she, in anger, picked up the pestle and hit him with it. He collapsed, was rushed to Mashegu hospital and died later on.

Aisha insists that she never intended to kill her husband and that she regrets her actions.

The State Police Commander pointed out that she will be tried in Juvenile Court since she is still a minor.

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