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Water is one of nature’s beautiful gifts to every living creature. To human beings, the benefits of water are inexhaustible. Drinking water has so many health benefits attached. According to studies, about 70-90% of the human body is made up of water.  Every cell in the body needs water to function properly, hence it‘s of utmost importance that you stay hydrated.

Drinking lots of water is a healthy lifestyle. You need about eight glasses of water each day to stay hydrated. However, this depends on factors such as: the weather, ill-health, exercise, age or weight of the person, if pregnant or breastfeeding.

Some of the health benefits of water are:

¨      It prevents acnes and pimples, giving you a clearer skin.

¨      It helps with weight loss. This is because it reduces your appetite for food, thereby making you eat less. Moreover, it has no calories.

¨      It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, and gives you a healthier and younger-looking skin.

¨      It combats headaches and dizziness. Some headaches could be caused by fatigue due to dehydration, so drinking will give you the relieve you need from that headache.

¨      It moisturizes the skin. It prevents and combats dry skin conditions by giving the skin the moisture it needs. Avoid those dehydrating caffeine-containing beverages and alcohol, and keep your skin supple and glowing with water.

¨      It regulates body temperature. It’s a fuel to the muscles, especially during exercises and energetic activities.

¨      It detoxifies. It cleanses the body and flushes out toxins and all other unwanted substances from your system.

¨      It enhances the immune system and helps in fighting infections. Staying hydrated prevents and combats cold, flu andallergies.

¨      It enhances concentration. The brain is mostly made up of water.  Drinking water makes you more alert, makes you think better and concentrate better. Studies have shown that dehydration can have a negative impact on the development andfunctioning of the brain. It can actually cause brain damage.

¨      It boosts your energy level. Dehydration causes fatigue. Drinking water restores and boosts your energy.

¨      It aids digestion and eases constipation.

¨      It helps you get well and gives you energy when you are poorly. In times of sickness, youmay lose fluids from your body. Drinking a lot of water keeps you hydrated.

¨      It lubricates the joints and muscles, thereby preventing cramps and sprains.

¨      It prevents kidney diseases, bladder and colon cancer because it filters waste matters from the body.

¨      It keeps the heart healthy, thereby reducing the risk of heart attack.  Where you don’t drink enough water, your heart works extra hard to pump blood to other organs. This can consequently lead to severe health problems.

Above all, water is a thirst quencher. Nothing refreshes like a glass or a bottle of cool clean water, especially in a hot weather. Nevertheless, you don’t have to wait till you almost die of thirst before having a drink. Taking a sip at very short intervals throughout the day will keep you hydrated.

Bayo Ajibola

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