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TIPS ON PUSHING DURING DELIVERY.Babies may not come out as effortlessly as you would like them to during labor and the body has a perfect mechanism for helping you through this. Your body gets the urge to push as soon as it is ready to expel the baby from your system. You would think that a push is just a push but there are a few differences.


You can push naturally or spontaneously as your body guides you on when to do it. This method is favored by most midwives since the body is usually ready at this time. There is also coached pushing where the nurse tells you when to push. This normally tries to get the most out of every contraction, with nurses aiming for 3 pushes in a single contraction. This is done by taking in a deep breath at the start of every contraction, holding it and pushing down. A quick breath is taken in between and further pushing is done to meet the three pushes per contraction.TIPS ON PUSHING DURING DELIVERY.

The coaching commences when the cervix is fully dilated at 10 centimeters. This is when the second stage of labor begins and it can last some minutes to a number of hours. You may be told to take a short break when the baby’s head begins to crown because pushing at this time may cause some tearing.

Why coached pushing is practiced

It is mostly done in a bid to reduce the length of time that the second labor stage takes. This is because early research suggests that a second stage that is prolonged poses a great risk for the unborn baby. Research that came out later however suggested that for as long as the mother is monitored and the baby is taking the labor well, the second stage can last even longer than two hours. It is however advised that a first-time mother with an epidural should not exceed 3 hours while one without an epidural should not go beyond two hours.

Effects of coached pushing

·         An increase in a mother’s stress and fatigue because she usually has to push hard before the body is ready and the baby’s head properly placed. This reduces the mother’s energy for the stage of productive pushing when the baby and body will be ready.

·         There is a higher chance of tearing or an episiotomy.

·         It increases the risk of damaged pelvic and urinary structures.

·         Chances of the birth ending up as a C-section, vacuum-assisted birth or forceps-assisted birth are higher.

·         It diminishes a woman’s natural ability to push when required and give birth smoothly and gently.

What to do

The best thing is to let your body guide you. If there are no complications just allow your inborn instincts to kick in and guideyou through this process. You may be a first-time mother and you are probably wondering what instincts these are but when the time comes you will just know that you were built for it.

You will also need to be patient and calm as your body does its thing. It may take a while or a short time so expect anything. If you have any worries talk to your caregiver and they will help you through it and help you relax because it is something they are trained for and have seen a lot of it.

If you prefer to let things flow naturally tell your caregiver in advance just in case they had other plans for you and also so that they help you through it. If all goes well you should be able to experience the delivery you wanted without much trouble orcomplication.


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