2 Reasons Why That Ultrasound Isn’t a Good Idea

Bayo Ajibola

2 Reasons Why That Ultrasound Isn’t a Good Idea

Pregnancy is filled with ups and downs. So many unexpected changes occur to your body both physically and hormonally. Very soon the baby starts kicking and you feel like you can finally connect with your little one.

Being able to see all that is going on inside you makes a lot of difference. It somehow makes all the pain and discomfort worth going through. Everything fades into the distance in comparison to the little thing that is wiggling around your tummy. Women have been known to cry every time they get an ultrasound. The black and white still photo makes for the perfect ‘baby’s first photo’.

As much as this whole session can be very empowering, some American experts have found that having too many ultrasound examinations, and especially if they are not backed by any medical reason,can be dangerous. This warning was issued by the Food and Drug Administration, which is the main body in charge of regulation of the different chemicals and foods that reach American stores.


Ultrasound has the ability to heat up body tissues. It can also lead to some bubbles in some bod tissues (also known as cavitation). The long term effects of cavitation and heating have not yet been identified so one should be cautious about them. Ultrasounds should therefore be done for medical reasons only instead of as a way to fulfill the urge to see your baby moving about.

Routine scans should not be avoided by the mother though because they can be used to detect any kind of problem in the mother or baby. Early detection helps doctors arrest the situation before it gets out of hand where it is possible.

Tempting keepsakes

Keeping this in check can be very tricky though because those companies that advertise their ultrasound services make it look so important to have these extra ultrasounds. They tout it as a way to start bonding with your baby and help you keep a record of all that is happening in your baby’s life right from the word go. That is very tempting for any mother since the bonding has already began and you would probably do anything to make sure that you are constantly in touch with your little one.

Some of these companies even let you have a keepsake video of your unborn child. They will however have to do an ultrasound for much longer than is recommended for them to get a good amount of footage. A regular ultrasound takes just enough time thus keeping at bay any risks that may occur as a result.

Baby’s heart rate

The official warning also advised mothers against using Doppler monitors alone at home without any kind of medical supervision. This device is used to measure a fetus’ heart rate. You never know if you are using it right or just enough. The urge would probably be to use it as much as possible to keep ‘monitoring’ the baby but this may cause problems for you and the baby later. The situation is however fuelled by the fact that this device can be easily bought online or over the counter in pharmacies.

Heart monitoring machines may seem harmless but the possibility is that mothers will run to the machine first as an assurance instead of the doctor’s office in case there is something unusual with the baby’s movement. This delays access to the appropriate care required in such a situation since most mothers will reassure themselves with the results they see while a doctor will look at more than just the heart rate.

If you have any concerns about your baby’s wellbeing you are better off making that doctor’s appointment. You will also have enough time to take photos and bond with your baby once they are born so just enjoy the ride for now.

Bayo Ajibola

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