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2 Things You Will Actually Do On Maternity Leave

You have had a crazy work schedule for the most part of your career life and then in the midst of it all you get pregnant. Crazywork schedules continue but you are getting more and more tired by the day. You start dreaming of your maternity leave and imagine all the things you plan to do.

First on your list is of course rest and since you are a career-focused woman you are probably sure you will remain up to date with news and current affairs and you will finally read that novel you have been putting off. You most definitely do not want to turn into those women that eat, drink and sleep their children.

Time moves on and you are finally on maternity leave. Yippee! You catch up on sleep for the first day or two and then since you are used to a lot of activity you go out and shop for the baby, for groceries, for yourself and whatever else that your money allows you.

In a short while you are in labor and the baby is here! There is quite a lot of excitement around and the mothering begins. You are new at this and that means you are in school once again! It is quite the intensive training this parenting thing and there is no room for error. Every mistake you make receives an immediate response as soon as you are done and it usually comes in the form of wails and screams. Sometimes it is not even your fault and the baby just continues to wail!

Your pretty princess just does not seem to understand the concept of time. She chooses nighttime to wake you up for a chat or a little cuddling. It goes on every day and no matter how early you put her to bed she still has to call you up for that bonding session. Quite exasperating!

Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

At this rate the one thing that is constantly on your mind is getting some sleep. You wish you could just lock yourself up in a quiet room and get some snooze time but it is not forthcoming. So you change tact and sleep when the baby is sleeping. That way the baby sleeps longer meaning you get that well deserved shut-eye. The other chores will get sorted at some point because if you don’t sleep now you will run mad.

Once this is taken care of you realize that your baby has grown bigger and is already accomplishing various milestones. She can follow your finger if you put it in front of her eyes, she makes the funniest of noises and faces and she is generally just adorable. You want to tell everyone who cares to listen about what your princess can do right down to scrunching up her face when she has to go.

Say cheese!

This brings you to the next big thing you will be doing which is taking photos and recording your baby’s voice. Now you are torn between posting all the photos or leaving some for yourself because they are all so cute! It is quite the preoccupation once you get into it even if right now it seems like a fickle thing that only a bored human being would do.

It becomes a normal part of your life and tearing yourself from your baby becomes difficult. To the outside world you will probably need to get a life and you will not understand what they are talking about.You did not want to become that woman obsessed about their child but you realize that it is inevitable because your baby just draws you to them. Later on you look back and feel that it was all worth it and there was never a wasted moment!

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