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2 Ways to Help The Situation ‘Down There’ After Birth

Imagining holding your beautiful baby is always enchanting and can take you hours to get out of. The emotions can sometimes get the better of you and take you on a roller-coaster ride down memory lane. Going through your baby’s wardrobe can bring tears to your eyes because baby clothes are just the tiniest adorable items of clothing!

When you are done with that you will probably remember that that very same cute baby that will don those clothes will have to pass through you. At this point you have the option of crying again, this time for not-so-happy reasons, or just laughing about the whole situation because nothing you do will change the final process. Others just get a minor mind block every time the thought of labor comes to mind.

State of affairs

Labor is painful for some and not such a big deal for others so there is nothing to worry about. It can go both ways so at least it is not all doom and gloom. Once labor is over however there is the ‘passage’ that was used. Many women are terrified about how their genitalia will look like after childbirth because some horror stories have been doing rounds.

Some women imagine that after letting through three or more kilograms of flesh and bone your vagina would go limp and never revert to its old functions. The story becomes even worse when someone has had more than one baby. It can be quite scary to listen to such graphic stories of what the baby does to your vagina but there are some important details that people forget.

The vagina and the birth canal are built specifically for this purpose. It is biologically able to sustain all this tension and still heal itself properly. Even those who have had an episiotomy or any tearing down there will tell you that it eventually heals. You must give it ample time to heal itself completely and this could be about six or so weeks. People have different bodies and so healing time may also differ.


You should wait until you are fully healed to begin having sex again. This is because it will be painful if you are not healed and you may injure yourself further. A lot of patience will have to feature.

Most women (and men) worry that the vagina will not be as tight as it used to be before birth and this may affect their sex life. If you let it heal completely as you continue eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle you will find that nothing much will have changed. You may have to start off slowly because the last time something went through there it was not really fun and games.


If you are extremely worried about your sex life and tightness you should consider doing some pelvic floor exercises. These strengthen your pelvic floor and tighten that whole area. The simplest are known as kegels. These are very discreet and take very little time so you can do them anywhere, even right in front of everyone and no one will know.

Imagine you are going to the bathroom for a short call. When you start peeing hold the pee with your muscles to keep it from flowing. That is basically how kegels are done. Repeat this movement as often you would like and you will feel the difference even when you have to go for an actual call of nature but you have to hold it.

It is not the end of the world down there and some men have also come out to confirm that life continues like it used to be andsome say that it gets even better.

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