22-year-old mother sells her 3-week-old baby to raise money for her siblings

A 22-year-old mother identified as Blessing Chukwu, has been arrested by the police in Imo state for selling her 3-week-old baby girl for one Chinasa Okpara, to raise money to train her siblings.

The police also arrested a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Kelechi Puphemia Omende, who are medical practitioners. It was alleged that the couple facilitated the transaction at their facility, Winnies Hospital, Okigwe, where the baby was born.

It was gathered that Okpara paid N360,000 for the baby and blamed her action on her 13-year-old fruitless marriage.

Chukwu said she already had four children out of wedlock. She said that she was given N190,000, for the three-week old baby, blaming her action on financial challenges.


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