3 Body Changes After Childbirth Women Are Scared Of

Bayo Ajibola

Body Changes After Childbirth.  Pregnancy does a lot to a woman’s body and the changes doesn’t just stop at being pregnant but also goes to post-pregnancy, after childbirth. Many women are scared of certain body changes after childbirth.

  • Body Weight/Baby Fat

You gain weight during pregnancy and you instantly think it will disappear as the baby comes out. No! You will certainly lose some pounds when the baby, fluids and amniotic sac is out of you. However, you have to deal with a slightly big and saggy abdomen because your muscles have stretched and some of the weight you gained while eating during pregnancy.

Some women worry about how fast they’ll lose the weight and be back in shape. It takes up to 6-8 weeks for you to get back to your normal self, although it differs in different women. With some exercise and healthy eating, you’ll be back in shape. Breastfeeding helps you lose calories (so you might consider that).

  • Vagina changes (itching, dryness, soreness, stitches and pain)

When that new being weighing as much as 9 pounds comes out of you, you’ll probably wonder how your vagina will look after birth. The vagina is really powerful and as you’re ready for birth, the muscles around it stretches for the size of your baby. Although some women suffer vagina tear or episiotomy (cutting the perineum or tissue around the vagina and the rectum to make room for the baby or prevent severe tear) during birth, where the the vagina won’t stretch enough for the baby to come out. Stitches are given after birth in this circumstance which will require certain care of sitting and easing with warm bath as the stitches heal in few weeks after birth.

After birth, most women are bothered about the look and feeling of their vagina, ashamed of how their partner will feel or of he’ll still find them attractive or want to have sex with them. Even you will feel a dive in your sex drive. No need to worry, it’s a common thing associated with childbirth and you should embrace your body.

  • Breasts Size/Form

Some women choose not to breastfeed because they feel they don’t want to lose their breasts rigidity, shape or size (some love the new full size). Although number of childbirth and breastfeeding can make the breast sag with every birth, however, you can get your body back in shape.

Most importantly is to embrace your body, sexuality and enjoy motherhood.

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