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Very many changes occur to your body during pregnancy even though people only notice the weight gain. Your breasts willenlarge noticeably. Those that are a small cup size may rejoice about this at first but like every change during pregnancy it comes with some discomfort.

Breast tenderness is a common problem and even lying on them may be a little painful. It can begin between the 4th and 7thweek and will usually not go past the first trimester. The pain might end there but your breasts will continue changing throughout. Hormones are the major cause for these changes. You can also blame the fat layer that is developing in your breasts and the amount of blood flowing there. The things you will be able to see include:


Your nipples will be angrier than normal! You will notice that they protrude a little more and they will be tender to touch. A little tingling will also be present. They may look very luscious to the outside world (read your husband) but you will probably want him to stay away from them.


The areola is the dark circle around your nipple. This circle becomes larger and darker during pregnancy. You may also notice some spots and some ‘goose bumps’ on them. The bumps are known as Montgomery tubercles and they are sweat glands that will keep your areolas lubricated throughout.

You will need the wider areolas for you to breastfeed. Your baby’s mouth has to fit around or within the areola (known as latching) for them to breastfeed properly and for it to be not as painful for you. You will know that the baby hasn’t latched on well when you feel some discomfort so keep this in mind.


A serious network of veins will be visible under your skin. These carry all the required fluids and nutrients from you to the baby even though they look unsightly. Thankfully they will be all covered up and you will get used to the sight of them with time so don’t let it worry you.

Towards the end of your pregnancy you may start leaking a yellowish liquid. This is actually colostrum and it is the baby’s first food. It contains a large amount of nutrients and will do your baby good so don’t worry about it.

Your breasts may be uncomfortably large right now but it will not last forever. The pain will end within the first three months and your breasts will slowly get back to their former size (or somewhere close) after you give birth.

How to deal with it

  • Ensure that you let your partner know that your breasts are tender. This will allow you both of you to enjoy intimacy without causing discomfort. This is important because you will need a hug, a cuddle and sex during this time and all these involve the breasts. Keeping off these isn’t good for your relationship or emotional health so just proceed with caution.
  • Some feel that their breasts are painful when left to move around at night. This can be solved by wearing a cotton sports bra to bed.
  • Be sure to get a new bra (in the appropriate cup size) so as to hold them perfectly in place. This will also prevent sagging and stretching much later. It is advised that you keep off underwire bras if you can.

These are the Changes to Your Breasts during Pregnancy. And as you can see why your breast changes during pregnancy.

Go easy on yourself during this time because there is a lot going on. You can take advantage of the new size and dress them up to make you feel better about them to compensate for the pain.

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