3 Phases of Love

A relationship goes through different stages that differ in intensity, passion, commitment, need for the other, etc. In reality, love is always changing. The important thing within the different phases of love is to fight for the trust and bond between two people. We have all may have what we feel are the different phases of a relationship but, according to studies, the following are the major phases of love: 

First phase: Infatuation

In this phase, we idealize the other. We think that our partner has no defects, or, if he does, they are minimal and are compensated by his abundant and exceptional virtues.

Characteristics of the Infatuation Phase

1. Physical Attraction

The main characteristic of this stage is that our brain is flooded by a lot of hormones. This makes us have a very high desire for the other and we look for any moment to be with our partner. These follies of love will be of special importance in the relationship since it will be these follies that are remembered by the couple as something very good and positive.

2. See only the virtues

In infatuation, people focus so much on what good things they see in each other and ignore all their flaws. This happens because of all the symptoms of chemical attraction that is between two people. You only record the gifts that was bought for you, the nice gestures and other beautiful things while overlooking their flaws. 

3. Spend a lot of time together

In this phase, people usually spend a lot of time together. This is precisely due to all the feelings and emotions that are perceived towards the lover. The woman or man in love usually wants to spend a lot of time with the other person because the feeling and attraction are very intense. 

Second phase: Love or intimacy

The “ love ” phase begins. The idealization of the previous phase is no longer so evident. Routines and boredom may appear, romance is still strong but erotic passion, on the other hand may begin to weaken. 

Characteristics of the love or intimacy phase

1. Affective union

After feeling all the symptoms of chemical attraction between two people, over time these effects subside and the relationship becomes much more emotionally balanced. Here, people realize if they really want to be with their lover and share many years of their life or even all of it with them. 

2. More communication

During the early stages of a relationship, love and passion often take center stage in dating. People often start communicating in a more fluid way. This makes for a much greater sense of security and comfort within the couple. 

3. You start to see their flaws

During these stages of infatuation, people begin to see what they really don’t like about the person next to them. This does not imply that you are no longer in love, but simply that your partner does not seem as cool as during the stages of infatuation. 

Third phase: Commitment

Finally, the third and the last of the stages of a relationship is called “partner love.” It is characterized by affection over any other feeling. Romanticism has diminished and erotic passion even more. However, the commitment to the other reaches its peak and is consolidated. Mutual knowledge between the members of the couple is very high, which causes feelings of complicity, understanding and acceptance, but also habit and routine due to fully knowing each other’s approaches and opinions.

Characteristics of the commitment phase

1. Maturity of the relationship

In all of these phases of love, great maturity is required and not all couples can reach it. The commitment or the decision to continue with the couple is the only important thing for a couple to remain together in the face of life’s adversities. Wanting to continue with the couple because the other person is recognized as someone special and that their presence and support generates enormous benefits for our general well-being.

2. Overcoming differences

It is during these stages of love that couples realize that the differences that exist between the two people can be overcomed. So much so that in many cases, these phases of a relationship are decisive to continue or to end the bond. 

3. More connection

Although there may be fights involved, the reality is that people feel very connected within these phases of love. Thus, trust is one of the key characteristics of these stages of a relationship. 

Many couples forget all the details they have during the phases of falling in love and that causes monotony, boredom and laziness to gradually settle in the relationship, causing self-disclosures and commitment to decrease.

However, a couple relationship , whatever phase it is in, should provide us with positive aspects that make us feel that sharing life is preferable to being alone, otherwise it means that something does not work as it should in the couple.

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