3 Proven Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage.

Bayo Ajibola

Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage . Something is amiss.

Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage.That funny butterflies-in-tummy sensation is fading, the fumes of the honeymoon phase have worn off, and now you are drifting in the wide-open seas of uncertainty. Rudderless. Aimless.

How do you fix this?

So you scour the internet for help and discover you’re not alone. Waves of articles, forums, and blogs tug your metaphorical oar in ten different directions with suggestions. Most would advise about getting marriage counseling. Others swear that getting busy in the bedroom a few times does the trick.

While it is true that a healthy sex life creates a stronger bond or intimacy, marriage is not defined solely on this.

And that is what this article will work out.

So where do you even start? Lets dig deep into ways To Spice Up Your Marriage

I. Impress each other

What happened to those days of dating where you’d call each other “just to hear each other’s voice,” or taking turns some days treating each other out or looking good for each other. What happened to pulling out all the stops in a game where the winners are both of you?

“Those days are gone. We’re married, happy, with children, and that’s that.” You say.

If that is you, then good for you. It’s quite an achievement most cannot boast about these days.

Regardless, who decided that unwritten rule that impressing each other cannot continue within marriage? It does not have to be anything grandiose. A small affectionate gesture here and there breaks the monotony of routine and keeps your spouse on their toes.

Remember, it takes two to tango, and so it is not up to one to impress the other. It is a circle of giving and taking.

Say, you reciprocate that delicious breakfast with an even more delicious dinner of your partners’ favorite dish. And perhaps, after experiencing that they offer a stress-relieving massage?

Sometimes, it can’t be guaranteed you and your significant other will be able to play this game. It may be one-sided at first, but if they love you, you’d bet your stars that they’d be thinking themselves ragged at work or wherever else they are, trying to find ways to impress you too.

And oh, don’t forget about the bedroom too. If you can learn new “tricks” or what makes your darling tick, then more power to you. Remember, however, this is one way of going about things.

II. Making time for one another

“We’d like to spice up our marriage, but we don’t just have time. And even if we do, there’s our children and work, and…”

Indeed, time is everything. Money can be lost, but gained. So can houses and other material possessions, and if you are strong-willed, you can double what once was.

But can you gain back your youth? Your age? The loved ones whom you lost?

If you could, what would you choose: All the wealth in the world, or reversing time?

Most would choose the latter. And why not? You might have all the possession in the world, but it becomes boring without someone to share it with.

Usually, this statement “we just don’t have time” is merely a means of avoiding the elephant in the room, which means there is little to no time to engage in a stable means of communication. Sure you can say, “we have work” or “we’re too busy raising the kids.” Even so, is there anything wrong with squeezing some time for you and your spouse? Even a small pillow talk before lights out makes a world of difference. Though fleeting, what counts is the quality of time spent not just quantity.

Even when you’re at work, there’s nothing wrong with taking a bit of time during your breaks to give your partner a call. Not everyday mind you. But once in a while should do. Just hearing those words of “just wanted to hear your voice” soothes the mind. And you’d soon realize that making time to do things together is not as difficult as it seemed.

III. Take an adventure together

Making time is one thing, staying on its course is another fine print of its own. Most of you would say “Sure, we’ll go fishing on Saturday. Just us two.”and then a problem pops up from your side of the family on Friday, taking an entire weekend to sort through. And that moment is gone. And whenever you’re ready and available, your partner also has this issue at their workplace. And thus, the circle spirals into a loop with no point.

But you get the point.

Taking an adventure means expanding your comfort zone in marriage. Anything worthwhile enough to break the predictable routines and roles expected from yourself and your partner.

So go out there and create new memories. Go hiking. Taste fine wine. Taste new dishes. Take dancing classes. Enjoy festivals and concerts. Have a small weekend getaway now and then. Visit new places. Go to hotels. Make love. Break the bed while doing so (if you must).

Go crazy, but not too crazy.

And even if you cannot do this much or extreme because of your children and other responsibilities. For a start, take the time to learn more about your partners’ likes and dislikes beyond what is obvious. Don’t just learn about their passions and hobbies. Go along with your spouse and do it with them.

Even if you don’t believe doing it, just do it. Who knows what sort of insight you might uncover about them?

And in this act, your marriage emerges more vibrant than ever.

Married couples who find themselves stuck in a rut inevitably start taking themselves for granted. They’ve become so at ease with themselves and their routines that leaving the comfort zone that is their marriage becomes too much work.

Even if they are aware of this, most couples busy themselves with other people or activities, rather than confronting the widening gap between them. Stop thinking; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Be the spice. Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage.

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