3 Qualities that Men Love in Women and 3 Defects that They Hate

Men have certain things they require in a woman. These go beyond looks and dressing. They want someone they will be able to coexist with, set goals, and achieve them while having fun and living life to the fullest. Below are qualities men love and defects they hate in women.


1. Good Personality

Your personality goes a long way in determining your bond with anyone. Friendships start when one personality hits another, and that is not different in relationships. Personality is the essence of the person and is what will attract a man. It is through the personality of the two that a couple becomes a friend and companion.

Men care about a woman’s appearance, but if she just looks good and has an unpleasant personality, that doesn’t appeal to them. Women have to strive not only in appearance but also in being genuine and real. So don’t worry so much about makeup, high heels, dress, and bags. In a relationship, men want to have someone nice by their side, a genuine, real woman. Someone, they are safe with. 

2. Respect

Just like women love to be respected and held in high esteem, men too love to be respected. No man can take a woman who disrespects him. Someone who doesn’t value him and who puts him down whenever possible. All men are looking for a respectful woman, not only with him but with everyone around him. 

After all, a woman who does not respect her parents, friends, and anyone around her will not respect her partner. Men need you to respect them, their family, and everyone around them, and certainly, they’ll respect you too. It’s a two-way street. 

3. Sense of Security 

Men love women who are firm, independent, and wholly secure. A woman who doesn’t need a man to feel complete, but her expensive things or shoulder her needs. A confident woman does not create unnecessary problems with other people. She loves herself, recognizes her mistakes, tries to be a better version of herself every day, and runs after her dreams. 

A good woman seeks to attain and maintain a great level of financial security and stability. Who wouldn’t want to be around someone like that? Men realize when a woman knows her worth. They want to have a determined, independent, and happy woman by close to them. 


1. Immaturity

Immaturity is a total turn off. No matter how you pretend to be classy and mature, your true nature will be seen. Immature women fight over anything. They try to win the man’s love with cleavage, high heels, and futile matters. 

The way they speak and address situations are faulty and irk whoever is around them. 

Mature women know how to handle situations better. Men don’t want to get into a relationship to have a headache with a woman who doesn’t know how to approach matters or handle adversity. Mature women find solutions, while immature women create problems. No man wants a woman who does nothing but create problems. 

2. Disrespect

Disrespect is a defect no man can withstand. Men do not feel good around a woman who does not value him and who disrespects him as a partner and a man. A disrespectful person is unpleasant in any situation.

Men also make a point of noticing how women treat people around them. They just don’t observe how you treat them, they also observe how you treat other people, their families, laborers, drivers, and the woman selling by the roadside. 

3. Dependency

Do you rely on your man for everything? Do you depend on him for your shoes, makeup, subscription, and more? Men don’t like dependent and insecure women. This type of woman does not run after what she wants. She is stagnant, depends on her partner to make her happy, and always depends on someone to do anything. 

Dependent women even place the responsibility for their happiness on their partners. Feeling good about yourself is your own choice. Work hard for yourself and be independent. No man wants a liability instead they want someone who will join them to make more money and achieve their dreams together. 

These are some of the qualities men love and detest women. They want someone they will be safe with, do great things, and enjoy happy results together. Are you that woman?

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