3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Leave Your Marriage

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Marriage is a beautiful thing if done right but it involves a lot of work. More often than not, the parties involved are two very different people trying to make a life together. As with all human relationships there will be rough patches and maybe even unresolved issues over the years. It is very easy to find yourself imagining what life would be like without your spouse in the midst of all this.

Getting to this point is definitely an indication that there is trouble in paradise. While you may still be with your spouse, not looking deeper may open the door for divorce. You may even begin to wonder whether your marriage will truly withstand the pressures of life and not just survive but thrive.

You are allowed to have such feelings because they are part of life. As you think about that though, remember you vowed to stay with them for the rest of your lives and only death would come between you. It is possible that you took those vows seriously at that time but it doesn’t mean that you won’t have such thoughts at some point. Thinking and actually leaving are worlds apart though. How To Prevent Divorce, Preventing Divorce,Divorce Prevention. I suggest you read this.

How To Prevent Divorce

Before you make up your mind to leave, ask yourself the following three questions.

  1. What was your relationship like before you got married?

Think about it. Did you have any negative feelings in your gut before you got married? Maybe you had doubts but you thought that making it formal would change things for the better? There are those who walk into marriages knowing that things aren’t good but they hope that their partners change. If this was the case then well, it was bound to come sooner or later.

If you started out fine and everything was blissful, if you felt that you were making the right choice and everything felt right, what changed? You need to think back to where those feelings began. What’s causing them? And what can you do to make it better?

  1. Are your expectations sensible?

Everyone walks into a relationship with certain expectations. There is nothing wrong with that unless the expectations are unreasonable. What is it that you expect from your spouse? Is that something they can actually deliver? Is it something you should be doing for yourself? Are you sensitive to your partner’s needs and are you meeting them? Whenever expectations and needs aren’t met individuals feel dissatisfied and your relationship automatically suffers. Go through those expectations and look at them critically, revising them if need be.

  1. Have you tried counseling?

Many people think that counseling is for the weak or crazy ones. Individual and couples counseling makes a big difference in relationships. This is because counselors are trained to identify the problem in your relationship and help you deal with it. Your marriage is definitely going through some problems if you are considering leaving so why not let a counselor help you get to the bottom of it?

Counseling sessions will also help you find better ways to deal with the issues plaguing your marriage. Seeking for help isn’t a sign of weakness but actually a sign of strength. Admitting you have problems and need help to fix them takes strength so don’t frown at the suggestion.

It takes a lot to break a marriage and especially if things were running somewhat smoothly. What has your marriage added to your life? Has it been all good, all bad or a good mix of both? If given a chance would you make the effort to work on what isn’t working in your marriage? Preventing Divorce? Look deeper, let your partner know and work through the tribulations together because a good marriage is worth saving.

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