3 Reasons to Trust Your Gut If You Think Your Spouse is Cheating

Are you in a relationship but having a gut feeling that your spouse is cheating on you? Your gut may be right! Research showed that about 85% of those who trusted their gut that their spouse was cheating turned out to be right. Nevertheless, your gut may be wrong too! After all, 15% of those who trusted their gut was wrong. 

The point is this, while your gut feeling may be superb, it isn’t foolproof even in the best of situations. Therefore, rather than trust your gut solely without a more concrete demonstration of your spouse’s guilt, it’s important to determine if there are any other reasons why you should trust your gut.

There are several other reasons why you should trust or not trust your gut. For instance, if your spouse goes out often to answer phone calls, clears Internet history on the computer, etc. If you’ve been having gut feelings recently that your spouse is cheating on you, here are three top reasons why you should trust your gut:

Your Spouse Is Always Secretive With His/Her Mobile Phone and Computer

Generally, the mobile phone and computer of a cheating spouse are like Fort Knox – the Army Vault. If you ask to use it, he or she may scramble to find an alternative rather than allow you to have it. If you eventually borrow it, everything on the phone is passworded and your spouse may start feeling uneasy until he or she gets the phone back. If that’s the case, chances are there is information – call history, contacts, or texts – that your spouse doesn’t want you to see.

More so, if your spouse intentionally ignores some calls while he or she is with you or allows certain calls to go directly to his voicemail without answering them when you’re around, chances are that he or she is cheating. Also, a cheating spouse may intentionally leave his or her phone in silent mode, in the bag, or in the car at odd times just to keep it out of the “line of fire.”

If there are often long periods when you can’t reach your spouse on phone calls or there is no response to your calls or texts, your gut feeling may be right about your cheating spouse.

Congdon points out that if your spouse suddenly withdraws or stops operating his or her phone when you walk in, or won’t let you see what he or she is doing on the phone at all, your spouse may be cheating. Generally, the more private your spouse is, digitally and literally, the more likely he or she is to be cheating on you.

You Noticed Sudden and Strange Changes in Your Spouse’s Routine

When you suddenly noticed strange changes in your spouse’s routine, it may be an indication that your spouse is cheating on you. For instance, while insomnia may lead to changes in sleep habits, cheating may also trigger some changes in sleeping habits, such as restlessness or being more exhausted.

A cheating spouse may also have frequent dreams that keep him or her awake. This may be a rare occurrence but it happens also, you may notice your partner calling you a wrong name while in bed with you or while playing together. A cheating spouse may also forget important dates or some intimate details about your relationship.

In cases like this, the cheating spouse tends to shower you with gifts, probably out of guilt, to cover up. So, if you’re experiencing a similar situation and you have a gut feeling, trust your gut.

A similar thing is applicable when your spouse suddenly gets new friends that you’ve not met before and your spouse is overly protective over them. Chances are that your spouse may be hiding something from you. The same goes when you notice that your spouse is hiding his or her financial details.

Other things to watch out for include:

  • When your spouse goes out more frequently.
  • When your spouse suddenly developed a sudden and unexplained interest in getting in shape, changing appearance and hairdo, or going to the gym.
  • When you suddenly need to adjust the passenger seat each time you get in the car (for ladies).
  • When your spouse just calls to find out where you, what you’re doing, or when you’ll be coming home but doesn’t seem interested in having a conversation with you.

You Noticed Your Spouse Begin To Say Strange Things Or A Few Words

Finally, it’s common for every cheating spouse to act emotionally distant. The point is your spouse is only getting emotionally distant to you become they’ve become emotionally close to someone else. So, if your spouse is suddenly interested in the problem or case of one of your friends or colleagues, it may be because they are now closer than you realize.

More so, a cheating spouse would rarely discuss with you about the future of your relationship simply because they are distracted by an “exciting” affair with another person. Your cheating spouse may also think you’re also cheating and may begin to accuse you of cheating without tangible facts or real grounds. You know, their mind is now adjusted to how a cheater behaves so they may notice similar behaviors in you and conclude that you’re cheating.

Finally, if your spouse says words like, “If anything happens to our relationship, I would always love you like a friend,” that’s a red flag and a more reason to trust your gut. This is because your spouse now has another person or new relationship to fall back on and don’t need to be assured about yours anymore.

While all the points explained above are good reasons to trust your gut if you think your spouse is cheating, you shouldn’t jump into conclusions that your spouse is cheating just because you notice one of these signs or just because your spouse is hiding something from you. While these signs may be red flags, they could also be harmless. So, don’t assume the worst just yet, instead sit them down and discuss your concerns without coming across as accusatory.

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