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3 Things You Should Never Stop Doing Once You’re Married

Once you’re married, you settle into a routine and get comfortable. It happens to both husbands and wives. Instead of getting all dolled up in the morning, a wife can switch to yoga pants and a ponytail with no makeup after the vows are said, while a man might stop hitting the gym because he already put a ring on her finger. Obviously it’s okay to become comfortable, but when you stop making an effort to do things your spouse liked about you or doing things for them, problems can start.

Being too comfortable is never a good thing. It signals that you don’t care anymore about yourself or your spouse. You don’t want to slack off because this will create problems later down the road that can eventually end in a breakup. Don’t let the romance die out, either! You need to keep that spark alive because when it dies out, so will your marriage.

Here are a few things you should never stop doing even though you’re married:

  • Going on dates

It’s important to continue going on dates when you’re married. Even though they might not be as extravagant as the ones you used to go on when you were just a couple, taking the time out each week or month to do something that only the two of you share is great for any marriage. It can be something as simple as a night out at a local restaurant or even something as cool and big as going out to see a play or a concert. And having a few group dates with other couples every now and then is always fun, just make sure you still do things where it’s just you two.

  • Caring about your appearances

We’re not talking about always trying to be dressed to the nine for your spouse, but just caring about how you look. This shouldn’t only be for your spouse, but for yourself, too. Being confident with the way you look will only make you happier and in turn make your spouse happier. Don’t give up on your healthy lifestyle of going to the gym or eating right just because you’re married to the love of your life. They married you because you loved yourself and love that you were confident, so keep that up after you’re married. And encourage each other to continue doing it. Compliment them on a new hair style, new clothes and the way they look after hitting the gym for a couple of months.

  • Continue to learn new things

We always continue to grow as a person, regardless if you’re married or not. But the best part about being married is the chance to learn new things about one another and grow together. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you should stop learning and learning together will bring you closer. Take classes, go on new adventures, meet new friends…whatever it is, you and your spouse will enjoy learning something new about life and about each other.

Bayo Ajibola

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