3 ways to help manage your teenagers screen time.

Bayo Ajibola

Bringing up kids before now wasn’t all that stressful for parents. All they needed to do ensuring they stayed away from strangers, never sneak off to night parties or date the wrong set of people. However, with the rate at which technology keeps advancing in today’s world, parents, are now faced with more and bigger problems, how to ensure their kids do not spend their lives staring into a screen.

With the introduction of smartphones  years back, parents are now faced with bigger issues on bringing up their kids as every teenager now wants to be glued to their phones. The introduction of so many apps  did not in any way help issues as well.

With this growth, so many parents are now at a dilemma on how to cut down their kids screen time, but you need not worry much as we will be giving you 4-ways you can do that.


Do not restrict them just create a balance

The moment, a parent discovers that their kids are neck deep into their screen, holding unto it, 23 out of 24hrs of the day, they begin to panic which sometimes leads to them completely restricting such child from using technology. This however, isn’t the best way to handle such.

We should all note that kids always on their screen is of course not healthy but at the same time isn’t an all bad situation.

Instead of hiding every gadget in the house, you can create a time-table as to how they use them.

Create a time they are allowed to use their gadgets and also encourage them to participate in other activities, this way, you successfully create a balance in their lives.

Be more involved

Most kids emulate their parents and this pick up habits unknown to their parents. If you happen to be among one these parents, simply learn to cut down on the time you spend in front of a screen and just enjoy watching your kid’s favourite series with them. Also, you can play a game with them or just enjoy some time outside the house.

This way, when you set the no screen-time rule from a period to another, they will easily adapt to it.

Create a media free zone In the house

If your home happens to be decorated with the latest gadgets in the market and your kids own the latest smartphones and what not, it’s simple, simply place a media ban on some certain areas in the house. From places such as the; dining table, to their rooms, down to when they are doing their homework, a ban should be in work. This way, you will help them cut down on the amount of time spent on their gadgets.

Encourage them to participate in other activities away from their devices, especially if you suspect screen time is interfering with other facets of their lives. And because teens are more likely to open up than younger kids, start a discussion about their screen habits and encourage them to find balance.

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