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3 Ways to Make Vaccination less Stressful for Your Baby

There are very many diseases and pathogens that we are exposed to during our lifetime. Most of these are infectious, may cause permanent damage and some are even fatal. Protection from such diseases requires a vaccination, also known as a shot.

These shots are painful and especially for younger children. It can be a very daunting task to deal with a baby that is crying painfully and more so if you are the one who purposely took them to have the pain inflicted on them. It can be very difficult to watch. You need to prepare yourself for this scenario since it is inevitable.

Carry a comfort item

The doctor’s office is a new setting. That in itself causes the baby a little nervousness. The fact that the doctor will be wielding a needle causes even more discomfort before the shot is administered. A toy, blanket or even a book that the baby is attached to would come in handy. The baby will feel a little safe with their comfort item nearby and this reduces their anxiety to an extent.

Praise and comfort your child

Your child needs your reassurance that you are not out to purposely hurt her. You can do this by encouraging her and reminding her that she is brave. Try to maintain a soft tone throughout even shouting at her would be a much easier option. Be sure to give a warm and genuine smile and if you are up to it a little song would not hurt.

Once the shots are done you should praise her, give her a tight squeeze and even breastfeed if you can. Others get comfortable by swaddling. There will probably be a red swelling where the injection pricked the skin and it can be a little sore. Placing a clean and cool piece of cloth may bring the swelling down. Some babies develop a fever and you can bring it down by giving your little one a cool sponge bath.

Your child may also lose their appetite, sleep a little more or become a little more fussy than usual. These may last a day or two after the shot has been given and they eventually fade away. Ensure that your baby gets enough liquids and rest during this time. Pain relievers can sometimes be used in severe instances but the doctor has to prescribe this for the baby.

Keep it together

Adults panic too and it is normal but it may have a negative effect on your child. Children may be young but their minds are able to process very many complex ideas. Your baby can tell when you are angry or worried and that makes them worried as well. This will in turn affect how your child reacts to the doctor.

Make sure that you keep your calm and get all negative thoughts out of your mind. You could even talk to the baby’s doctor in advance so that they help you get over your own anxiety. If calming down is taking too long, you could request your doctor to address your child directly so as to calm them down.

It will take time before your baby gets used to these shots so prepare for a long ride. You may need to adjust a few things as you go along so that you properly deal with your child whenever the need arises. Don’t get tempted to forego the shots because they are lifesaving. They may sting for a very brief period but eventually they provide the ultimate protection to your kids. What other gift can you give your children than good health?

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