3 ways you can raise well behaved kids.

Bayo Ajibola

Every parent at one point or the other has questioned the way they are raising their kids, but, let it be known, that there is no perfect way in raising kids, we all are just doing the best we could.

So many of us, turn to books, websites, advises and what not, to aid us in raising well behaved kids, but let it be known, that these outlets will do you no good when you want to raise well behaved kids.

Here are 3 ways you can raise well behaved kids.

Have them around other kids

This is highly important, as kids,need to be around their peers. No man is an island, am certain we have all heard this phrase and we need to teach this to our ids early on. They need to learn that mingling and sharing ideas and just having fun, helps them grow up to be better people. They need to learn that team work is highly essential in attaining success. Playing with other kids also help them learn that every human is equal and most be treated with love and respect. Your kids playing with other kids, help them be more self –aware and also aware of other people’s feelings.

Not giving them everything they want

Now parents, we should be clear on one thing, want is so different from need. Basic need of every human includes food, shelter and clothing, which are things that we must provide for our kids, while wants on the other hand includes toys and maybe a fun-day at a playing field.  Parents, the moment you harken to their wants without it being that they did something good or they had to wait a while for it, let it be known that you have a bomb ready to blow up. When you continue to succumb to their every request, they begin to feel that they can get anything they want without having to work for it and the moment you decide to make them begin work for whatever they want, you might bring out the brat-in-them that has been lurking in the shadows for so long.

Not being on your phone or system so much

Every kid loves attention and sometimes might go the extra length just to get it. For parents who have so much time on their hands to spend at home with the kids, or even the one that have so little, but still manage to spend time at home, you must ensure that you do not stay glued to your phone or system as doing this to a kid, who craves your attention, will spell trouble. When you finally get some time off work and you spend that time at home, learn to spend it with your kids as this will not only make them happy but also make the bond between you all, grow stronger. When you ignore a child when at home, he or she, might start looking for naughty ways just to get your attention.

Bayo Ajibola

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