There are so many differences in opinion about how couples manage their families but at the end of the day, what everyone wants is the same thing. You want your family to be happy, strong, and healthy, you want to strengthen your union and you want to be the best possible parent that you can be.

But we all know that making a strong family unit can seem like lots of work, and truly, it is. Building a strong foundation for yourself and your loved ones is certainly not easy but that doesn’t mean the hard work you put into it is a bad thing. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s complicated or too much to handle. It just means you need to be mindful of the things you do before you do them because you are aware that the consequences of your decisions and words are powerful.

To start with many couples and parents underestimate the power of spending time together with their families. Not only does it build and strengthen your family bonds, but it also gives a sense of security and wellbeing to each member of the family. In fact, many studies have found that when a family enjoys different activities together, even the children would learn important social skills and have higher self-esteem. Strengthening your family unit encourages your children to be better behaved, have improved academic performance and boost the communication between you, the parents and your children.

Making a few easy and not so easy changes in your family’s life can make the difference between how happy and satisfied you feel in your marriage and how accomplished you become at raising strong, well-adjusted children.

As a parent, you play an important role in protecting and growing these family bonds but building a stronger family unit doesn’t come naturally. In your hectic daily lives, it will take more effort to carve out adequate time for your family.

However, if you want to make your family unit stronger than ever, here are 4 easy things that you can do.


Whether your kids are preteen or teens, setting aside family time will be valuable. Look into everyone’s schedule to find out if there are correlating times that can be designated as family time. It could be once a week where the entire family gathers together for a fun activity – from board game nights to movie nights – but make sure it is done on a regular schedule.

You could also plan small vacations together by scheduling regular trips. If your family is the type that enjoys traveling you can plan trips a month in advance and let everyone know about it, this creates excitement and gives them something fun to look forward to.

The options for family time are endless. The important thing is to look for things that your whole family will enjoy and try to do them as often as possible.

As the saying goes, a family that plays together stays together.


Is everyone not having dinner at the same time? Or worse, is everyone eating their dinners separately? The kids in their rooms, the dad in the sitting room and the mum at the dining table? So maybe your busy schedule might not allow you to do this daily but make an effort to choose a few nights – even if it’s just 3 to 4 days – during the week to gather everyone around the dinner and eat with your family. No phones, no other electronics, just eat your meal and have some conversation together.

Nothing beats the calming effect of good food accompanied by good company. Eating meals with your family has been known to have positive benefits on the physical and mental wellbeing of the kids as well as reinforcing communication among family members and strengthening your family unit.

If dinner isn’t possible for everyone, try breakfast. The point is that everyone comes together to enjoy a meal away from distractions.


You can make your home cleaning the responsibility of the entire family. Make a list of chores and have each member sign up then set up a time during the week or during the weekend where everyone can deal with their chores at the same time. Set deadlines for the completion of the chores and remind your teens or kids that doing chores together gets the job done quicker than them doing it alone.

Besides, doing the chores together fosters teamwork especially when one family member is done early and is willing to help another to complete their chores. In fact, if you want to make the tasks more enjoyable, plan a small prize for when the chore is done. Something like watching a movie they’ve been looking forward to or getting some ice-cream together would be a good idea.


Every strong family unit is known for its support of the passions of each member. Whether it involved attending your kids’ inter-house sports in school, following a series they love or even helping them to collect DC figurines, the important thing is that you support your children’s interests.

If your kid or your spouse is passionate about basketball, watch an NBA game together. If your child is into sports or a band or any other school activity, try to provide support in any way that you can.

You don’t need to pressure yourself into taking some huge leadership role, what you need to do is to find ways to show your support in what your family does and assist them with their pursuits. If you aren’t sure of what you can do or how you can help, ask your spouse or your children for their thoughts.

Doing this shows that you care about the things they are passionate about and it brings your family together.

There is no better way to strengthen your family unit than by making your family a priority.

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