4 Effective Tips On Dealing With Difficult Teenagers

Bayo Ajibola

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Dealing With Difficult Teenagers.To every parent who have teenagers in their homes, its no hidden fact that dealing with them sometimes, can be challenging. Teenagers, crave for individuality yet will do anything to be accepted by their peers.

Acting like they know virtually everything is a common trait among them, even as they lack just just about the right amount of experience needed to pull this off. They lament about feeling invisible yet insecurity is a second skin on them. Teenagers, are known for their love of testing authorities, infact many thrive on this while a few others are self- destructive.

It’s not easy when you have to deal with difficult teenagers in your life, whether they are your Be it that the teenagers in your lives are either your kids, students, athletes, group members, or employees, it is never easy dealing with them. Here are 4  tips to dealing with difficult teenagers.

Never give away your power

Teenagers love and willingly push your buttons all in a bid to get you to react negatively, this they tend to live on. To achieve this, they can either knowingly disobey you, tease you, not listening when you are talking, back talking, temper throwing, rule breaking, dismissing, haggling, and provoking., and all they seek during these is to see you act unruly, once you do that, they assume they have the power now. In order to maintain your power, whenever your teenager pushes your button, before reacting, take a deep breath, count slowly to ten, trust me before your get to ten, in most cases, you would have regained composure, and figured out the best way to react to the situation on ground.

Dealing With Difficult Teenagers.Create Crystal clear boundaries

Most teenagers are known for their struggle for independence and care less how this is achieved, thus resulting to things or acts that is totally wrong. To avoid such situation, ensure you have marked out boundaries that must never be crossed

When creating these boundaries which mostly are ground rules, house rules, team rules, or codes of conduct, ensure that they are fair, reasonable, and can be applied consistently.

The first and most important boundary in every situation, is respect and it simply means when a teenager accords you your respect, he or she will be treated in same way respect.

Dealing With Difficult TeenagersMake Use of assertive and Effective Communication

James Humes, author and former presidential speech writer noted that: “The art of communication is the language of leadership.” This statement important and must be used when dealing with and motivating teenagers. When you are faced with difficult situations involving teenagers, show your position as the leader by utilizing assertive communication skills.

Dealing With Difficult Teenagers.Focus on the leader in a group of teenagers

It is only reasonable and stress-free to focus on the leader of a teenage group than having to deal with them individually. Most times, when a group sees that their leader is taking the fall for their behaviour, they tend to all become better at whatever might have caused the problem in the first place. For teachers who have to manage a large group of teenagers, another management technique that have proven to be effective is separating the erring person physically(via assigned seating, different workgroups, etc.) this makes it less likely for them to form a clique and feed off of each other.

This technique also works on teenagers in a home, separating the leader, will help check all of them when need be.

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