4 Gross Things That Happens During labour

Bayo Ajibola

Things That Happens During labour

Things That Happens During labour. Excreting on the table

I have been fortunate to know quite a lot of mums and during one of our many discussions, their biggest fear was revealed.Pooping on the table is actually one of the biggest fears women fear about labour, but you should know today that pooping during labor is really common and no big deal. Being in that labor room is for one reason and one only, to birth a whole human out of your really small hole, so trust me, it is a normal thing almost inevitable. Nurse available am assuming and believing are already used to seeing such and of course will waste no time in cleaning it up. And honestly, when you are pushing and heaving to birth your child, you really won’t care about this.

Losing the mucus plug

According to MaryF who spoke with The Bump,

“I was induced, and my doctor checked me after a dose of Cervidil. When she pulled her hand out, my mucus plug was hanging from her finger. The nurse finally said, ‘You’ve got a dangler!’”

This discharge, gross in all its form performs an important role in childbirth. The mucus plug, is a thick membrane that builds up at your cervix, it covers the opening to your uterus to block bacteria. As your cervix starts to efface or dilate, it’s pushed out.

Peeing yourself

KrystalD, a first time  mom who spoke to The Bump on her first time giving birth, she said:

“After I gave birth, the nurses told me to hit the call button when I had to pee, and they’d help me. They came in and stood me up—I was still numb from the epidural—and I heard all this fluid hitting the floor. I was peeing all over the place!”

This is quite possible following a vaginal delivery, as the pelvic floor muscles get majorly stretched out while pushing your baby out so temporarily losing control of your bladder can happen. Many women resort to Kegel exercises Until they start to quickly tighten up again.

Water breaking 

In some movies, when a pregnant woman’s water breaks, it is shown as a trickle but do not be deceived as not all women are lucky to have the trickle experience, in some cases, when a woman’s water break, it can only be likened to a huge tap burst

BeckyM, shared her childbirth experience narrating how her water broke. According to her:

“My water didn’t just break—it exploded! It kept coming in gushes, and when we got to the hospital, I was soaked right down to my shoes. I gushed and squished all the way down the hall.”

It should be noted that only about 10 percent of women actually experience a rupturing of the amniotic sac before labor. Most women have their water breaking during labour  either naturally or with some help from the doctors.Childbirth is one of the many thongs in life that can never be predicted, if your water breaks it could either be a light trickle or a huge burst of water.

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