The 4 Marriage Lessons I’ve Learnt Since I Married My Wife

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Most problems you have in your marriage is a function of so many things. How you handle these things will determine if your marriage is going to work or not. Listed here are The 4 Marriage Lessons I’ve Learnt Since I Married My Wife. Am sure it will bless somebody.

1. The Provision Rule.
A man must take personal responsibility for his family’s finances even if he earns lesser than his wife or has financial challenges. He must still take the responsibility to provide. That is God’s arrangement. I once shared that; Even if things get so bad that I loose everything I have, if the last option is to carry blocks and do labourers’ work, I must not delegate bill payments to my wife. It is an art of irresponsibility. There is dignity in labor! Men are designed to provide for their home while women are designed to manage the provisions. You break that rule, you can loose your home for it.
2. Teachability Rule
You must forever remain teachable. Both parties must do this. No one except God knows it all. Learn to be willing to learn from your Spouse. Pride has killed most homes. I was counseling a Couple recently where the husband wanted to divorce his wife and so, he began to pack her things out of his house. After much plea with the man- and some correctional talks, the wife was asked: Do you want to divorce him? She said No! At the end of the discussions, she was asked to kneel and beg her husband, then she started counting all his errors… ! “Just go on your knees and apologize.” Listen guys, I have Learnt in life that; it’s better to have a peaceful home than to claim your rights. And to have peace, you must learn to apologize. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong. Both parties must learn to use the Magical word; ” I Am Sorry”. Stop waiting for who will say it first! That is important. Bury your ego to have a peaceful home.
3. Forgiveness Rule
The person that will hurt you the most in life is your Spouse. It is one of the packages of love. But God made it easy by giving us the forgiveness hormones- if you choose to activate it in you. For example, your parents and siblings can be the ones who will use the most insulting words on you, but you must learn to forgive. It could be difficult but it is needed- which end result is always sweet. Unforgiveness is like Witchcraft, it ties people down and prevents them from moving forward in life. Practice forgiveness in advance! I practice lifetime forgiveness in my marriage. Even the uncommitted offences have been forgiven before they are committed.
4. Don’t Let Prophets/ Pastors Or Any Third Party Enter Your Marriage.
It was agreed from the inception of our relationship that: ” NO THIRD PARTY”. Marriages that last don’t involve third parties in solving their issues- not even Pastors or Family or False Prophets who see harmful visions. The day I will cut off my relationship with you is the day you start saying stupid prophecies. Learn to interced for people instead of telling them evil visions you saw! A real Man solves his matters with his wife without any third party, and a submissive wife agrees to the issues being resolved- no matter the height of the matter. Once you take it to the public square, you have wrecked your marriage. period! Let me add this; If you Married a foolish man, it’s your fault, accept it and stop blaming the man. If you Married a witch or a foolish woman, it’s your fault, stop telling the world that you were foolish enough to marry a foolish person; blaming the foolish person for your foolishness. For those who call their wife, “Witch,” and for wives that call their husband, “Foolish Man,”. You get the point? What I have learnt is that, no one is perfect. All these “perfect” syndrome “talks” can’t help any home. It can mislead generations unborn. So, perfect your home by picking a man whose weaknesses you can handle, and a woman whose weaknesses you can handle. Then, turn your marriage to a beautiful paradise.
Help me appreciate My wife for making my life peaceful and glorious. I have no single regret marrying my wife. If things are wrong in my home, I and I alone take full responsibility. These Four (4) Rules have kept my home sweet. And I know it can help yours too!

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