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Fertility in women is the ability to conceive. In men it usually refers to the ability to get a woman pregnant. This is one of the processes that are taken for granted especially among newly married couples. Most people assume that once you get married next comes babies. This is not always the case.

People have different lifestyles and different conditions that may affect whether they are able to conceive or not. It is dependent on variousfactors but there are ways that you can try and improve your chances of getting pregnant.


Yoga helps you stretch and improve blood flow. Yoga is also used torelieve stress and tension that may be affecting your ability to conceive. When stress hormones are produced they go against the reproductive hormones being produced and such delay conception.NATURAL WAYS TO BOOST YOUR FERTILITY.

Breathing techniques employed during yoga sessions can help you relax and achieve a sense of inner peace which aids in the whole conception process.

Eat healthy

Every stage of life requires that you stay healthy. Your body needs to be healthy and stable to be able to conceive and carrya baby to term. Healthy eating involves taking a balanced diet with lots of water, fruits and vegetables. Some specific foods are said to boost fertility.

Stock up on antioxidants as they will protect your ova and his sperm from free radicals. They can be found in berries, plums, peaches, kale and even bell peppers. Since all of them are natural and healthy your body will receive the nutrients from these foods and so you will still benefit even if they don’t help you conceive. Avoid additives and food preservatives.

Self Fertility Massage

Does this sound odd? Well, this massage specifically targets the pelvic and abdominal organs. It helps reduce tension in the pelvic area and improves hormonal imbalance. This as a whole improves the sending of messages between the hypothalamus, pituitary glands and ovaries thus encouraging the production of normal levels of hormones.

Blood flow also improves thus ensuring that the uterus and its lining become healthier.

Think yourself into pregnancy

Your thoughts affect how you feel. Seeing yourself actually getting pregnant and carrying your pregnancy to term will have a big effect on your mood. The assumption is that it will make you happy.

Imagine yourself being pregnant and align your thoughts to positivity. A healthy mindset equals a healthier body so keep your thoughts full of life.


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