4 Phrases You Should Never Utter to Your Husband, No Matter How Tempting

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Things you should never say to your husband.The tongue is a very powerful tool. Words can make or break a person or situation and this is not just one of those things you read in a personal development book or a sermon in church. It is real and it works.

A woman has such power over her husband but many women don’t realize it. Your husband looks forward to making you happy, pleasing you and definitely being your hero even if he doesn’t realize it yet. He is wired to look out for your needs and solve your problems and the best thing you can do as a woman is to encourage him with your words. If his woman makes him feel like he’s the king he begins to act like it and also treats his wife like his queen.

People say that it was easier to do in the olden days because all women did was stay home and depend on their husbands for everything but it’s not about that. Today’s woman is independent and can take care of herself very well without a man. This can sometimes interfere with how a woman treats her man, and especially if he earns less. But that points more to a woman’s ideologies and confidence in herself than her paycheck.

For a woman who loves her husband and isn’t afraid to help build him up, there are a few things that just shouldn’t come out your mouth when speaking to your husband even if you feel he’s given you good reason to.

  1. I don’t need you

A man needs to feel needed and especially at home. He needs to know that what he does at home is important and appreciated by the people he does it for, especially you. Yes, you can take care of yourself but this is not about you. You don’t need him to actually live but don’t you need him for the life you’re living right now (material things aside)? Don’t you need him to love you unconditionally? Don’t you need him so you can share your life and love with him?

You need to realize that there’s nothing wrong with a woman being independent and needing her man.

  1. If you were a real man

This is one of those statements that sting! If these words threaten to come out just bite your tongue, take a deep breath and count backwards and take a large sip of water while you’re at it. It is, first of all, very disrespectful to say that. Secondly, where were you looking when you said yes to him? Was he man enough when you married him? If he was man enough then he is definitely man enough to deserve some respect from you no matter how angry you are.

Belittling and emasculating your man causes such a rift in your relationship and a huge dent in his self-esteem.  If you feel that he’s not living up to his ‘man of the home’ title, talk to him about it and in a respectful manner.


  1. Why aren’t you like so and so

That’s just wrong and unfair. Don’t you think there are other women he could compare you to? You chose him and vice versa so the comparison door was shut tight a long time ago. If there are some things bothering you about whom he’s become, point them out kindly and respectfully.

  1. Shut up!

Whether in private or in public, this is extremely rude and disrespectful. There is definitely a better way to get him to stop talking so you can speak and this is not it. It is understandable that you want your man to hear you but do so in a respectful and effective way.

As you argue and disagree on issues, remember that your relationship will still be waiting for you immediately after. Don’t get carried away and utter things that will hurt your spouse. Learn how to fight fair no matter the situation.

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