4 Reasons You Are Still Stuck In a Bad Relationship

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When some women/ladies tell you they’re in a bad/toxic/unhealthy relationship and they don’t seem like they want to leave, you only wonder and scream out “Why?”. Here are few women’s fear on leaving a relationship. Signs of a Bad Relationship.

  • I’ve invested in this…

Yeah, every relationship requires you investing your time, feelings, care and all of you. So some women think about all the years they’ve spent being in that relationship and wonder “It’s been 7 years. I can’t leave now. We love each other. He’ll be a better man, He’ll marry me”. You can’t just change someone who’s hurting you repeatedly or choose number of years spent together over your happiness and life. Get a grip and move on!

  • The Devil I know is Better…

That saying gets some women stuck in a bad relationship and puts them in denial. They feel that the next man might be worse than their current partner, so they think “Why not stay and be with the man I’ve known more”. Even if he hurts you at every opportunity? Not worth it. Try the next “devil” if be, he might be an angel. And better yet, save your self, breathe a fresher air and grow some self esteem.

  • I don’t want to be back in the dating pool…

Truly, at a certain age and years spent being in a relationship, you will suck at the dating pool. In fact it might take a while before you find the right one because you’re in search of “Perfect”. However, being single has its perks which is being able to pick the right guy in the pool as opposed to being stuck in a non profitable relationship and you never get the chance to know if something better is out there for you.

  • I’m staying because of “Money, My Kids, Promise, old age…”

Lots of women fall into this category. They have one thing or two they’re holding on to in the relationship. If you’re staying because of money and security, it will vanish and you’ll realise part of your life has been chipped off with it, along with self esteem, independence and self worth. If you’re holding on because you think a separation will affect your kids, a toxic/unhealthy bad relationship will damage your kids more and their outlook towards relationship and marriage as a whole. They will believe that relationships make people unhappy when they see you unhappy all the time. So also, some women are stuck because of old age, promise never to leave one another or my chances at child bearing, those are not reasons to stay and you shouldn’t and can’t be stuck in a relationship. Live your life for yourself and be happy.


Ladies! 4 Signs You’re Holding Back In Your Relationship

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