4 Reasons Why Your Husband Isn’t Interested In Sex

Bayo Ajibola

Despite what you think, men don’t always want sex. Sure, they want it 99.9% of the time, but there is that .01% that they’re not interested in doing the deed with you and you should never take it personal. If you’re husband is rejecting your sexual advances, don’t fret and here are some reasons why he might not be into giving you some loving:

  1. He just wants to relax

You know when all you want to do is just relax? Well, sometimes he has those days, too, and sex might be the last thing on his mind. Usually, this isn’t the case, but every once in a while, men will choose a relaxing night doing whatever he does to relax over sex and you’ll just have to accept it. But if it’s happening more than usual, it can create a pattern of disconnection and you’ll have to speak up about it. Chances are, he might be oblivious to what’s happening, so just suggest doing something relaxing together.

  1. He sees you as a mom and not his wife

If you’re always doing stuff for the kids, he might start to think of you solely as a mom and not his wife. The fact that you’re putting your children first and not making any time for him is a libido killer, so make sure that you take out everything that reminds him of your kids while in the bedroom like photos, toys and the like so that he knows you’re still his wife first.

  1. He’s too busy with sports or TV

Guys can sometimes get preoccupied with sports, games or TV to be interested in sex. They get hooked on these things because there’s no real emotional investment and they can simply just relax or tune out for a bit. But when it becomes a habit, you’ll have to make some kind of deal about which nights he’s allowed to do that and for how long.

  1. He’s preoccupied with work

If he has a big project at work or is stressed over something at the office, he might be turned off in bed, so make sure that you communicate with each other so that you guys are on the same page. This way, you know it’s about work and not about you so that you can give him some leeway while he handles things at the office.

Bayo Ajibola

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