WAYS TO KEEP YOUR RELATIONSHIP ALIVE.If you want to keep your relationship alive, it takes more than just love. It requires working together with your partner to make sure there is also communication, understanding, and trust. Almost every relationship begins the same way – both of you can’t keep your hands off each other, you get all excited just thinking about your partner, you don’t have any disagreements and you both love all the same things.

Then all of a sudden, things change. You start to crave your space, you no longer want to have sex as frequently, and suddenly everything isn’t as perfect as you thought. You had found love, but now you aren’t so sure how to hang on to it.


Sure, the honeymoon is over, but that doesn’t mean your relationship has to be. There are ways to embrace the next phase of your relationship while keeping it alive.

Or maybe it’s a new relationship. Before you start panicking that your relationship will crash before it even gets off the ground, these pointers will also keep and your partner on the right track. Don’t you worry, it’s much easier than you might think.

Check out these 4 tips for keeping your relationship alive for the long haul.


Being present, and I mean really present, not “you are sitting together but you are constantly on your phone” present can make a world of difference in your relationship. One of the best parts of the early stages of a relationship is being able to talk for hours about anything and everything, but as time passes, this need begins to wear off. Add that to long days, work stress, social media, and other issues, and you find meaningful conversation with your partner dwindling to nothingness.


However, if you want to keep your relationship alive, you’ve got to put your phones away, find the time to talk and appreciate being in each other’s company. Try the following:

  1. Instead of staying glued to the TV all evening, create half an hour a night to catch up on your respective lives.
  2. If you have movie or dinner plans, make time at the end to sit somewhere relaxing like a quiet bar to just unwind and chat.
  3. Talk about your plans and goals or where you want to go on vacation next. Anything, to keep the conversation flowing.

Being able to disconnect from the outside will give room for a greater connection between you and your partner.


Intimacy isn’t only about sex – though that’s essential too – it can be something much simpler than you might think. Making an effort to caress each other more – something like a gentle squeeze on the shoulder, a quick kiss on the forehead or lips or even holding hands while you walk down the street – counts towards being intimate and is a beautiful way to feel closer to your spouse.

In the beginning, when you first start dating, constantly touching comes really easy, heck, you can’t help yourselves, but as the relationship goes deeper, some of these intimate details fall by the wayside.

If you want to keep your relationship alive, always remember to let your partner know that you care through the simple act of touch.


Some couples believe they need date nights or special occasions to feel or act romantic. But in actual fact, one of the best ways to keep your relationship alive is to find romance in your everyday lives.

There are lots of ways that you can make the best of the face to face time you have with each other instead of waiting for a specific place and time to connect. For example:

  1. Instead of eating takeaway food in front of the TV, put on some cool music, light some candles and eat together at the table.
  2. If you are on your way home from an outing, make a quick stop at a bar or lounge and grab a drink together.
  3. Instead of going to the gym separately, take a hike or long walk together
  4. You can introduce role-playing or dressing up into the relationship to spice up your sex life.
  5. You can also exchange gifts just because, or write a sweet note and tuck it away in your partner’s briefcase or purse so that they stumble on it when they least expect it will put a smile on their face and remind them just how lucky they are to be in such a caring relationship.
  6. Even making a meal together instead of one person doing all the work or just being kind to your partner are some of the ways to keep the romance going in the relationship.

Every now and then, it is good to try something different and new to keep things hot and spicy in your relationship.


Another key aspect of keeping your relationship alive is to make time to support one another in everything you do. Does your partner play a sport? Make time to watch his games at least once a month. Did your partner get a promotion or a raise recently? Help her celebrate her accomplishments.

The more you can do to show that you care about what goes on in your partner’s life outside of the relationship, the stronger and deeper your bond will be. Say you have an important event coming up, like a family event, for example, encourage your partner to join you or to cheer you on. They may not realize you want them there, so make sure you let them know.

Show your spouse that you are grateful for their support by verbally expressing the things you love about them as frequently as you can. It is by expressing your appreciation and love through your actions and words that you will always be reminded of why you fell in love with them in the first place.

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