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4 Surefire Ways To Turn Your Kid Into A Sports Star

As parents, our greatest joy is seeing our kids doing wonderfully well in life. It may not really be that we’re expecting them to come and pay us back for all the sacrifices we might have made to see them through childhood (well, some of these kids owe us that, lol). Our desire to see them excel in life is really related to the fact that their happiness fuels our joy to a very major extent. This is one reason why it is wise to direct them aright or at least give them clues when they get to start choosing hobbies, leisure activities and life-long goals.

Your kids’ academics is one thing you must never toy with. You don’t want the world thinking you imposed another retarded individual on the surface of the earth do you? Seriously, we must grant our kids that winning edge in life by ensuring they attend good schools and broaden their intellect. However, if your kid has to choose between academic pursuit and his talent, which of them do you think will bring him greater personal satisfaction, longevity, a wider travel experience, fame…and the big one (drum roll please!), fortune?  Of course you guessed right, it’s talent.


Even the blind cannot disregard the immense contributions of smart and intelligent academics, doctors and notable psychologists all over the world that have greatly assisted in making life tolerable for many. In life, there would always be cross-roads and t-junctions; points at which you or your child must choose the best option that will offer a sense of fulfillment. Your child must pick a route in life that is most likely to constantly flood his heart with joy as well as fill his bank account with money with which he’ll take care of himself and family (including you the parent). However, what happens when the kid in question is an A-student in science or arts, and then also the best sprinter, basketballer or footballer in the entire school? In that case, we can hardly believe that he’d be the first medical doctor to sign a deal as an attacker in Chelsea FC. Therefore, you as the parent will have to provide appropriate guidance for him or her to choose wisely.


1.         Watch them play:

When your kid is at the field or just playing football with some bunch of friends in front of the house, don’t always squeal for him to get inside the house. Sometimes watch what he’s doing at play: does he possess dribbling skills? How good are his shots? What innate skills do you see that can be improved on? Never ignore talent; it’s worth over a million stacks of gold bars.

2.         Know your child’s interest

A Serena Williams may never excel in the field of cycling. Understand what your child’s skills represent. Observe the exact kinds of sporting activity that brings the sparkle to his or her eyes.

3.         Fan their passion

Encouraging them by providing the necessary kits such as boots, spikes, vests, and any other item that may be necessary for the particular sport of their interest will enable them progress rapidly. Even when they fail, boost their morale and make them understand that perfection comes from much practice.

4.         Locate other kids and parents of like minds

This is vital so as to ensure he has the right people around him to spur him on to excellence.

So there you have it… it’s no use keeping back that star all because of an idea that was passed down to you. A man’s talent opens doors he’d never imagine so groom that kid.

Bayo Ajibola

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