4 Things Parents Should Never say To Their Kids

Bayo Ajibola


Being a parent, can be the most rewarding task ever, but even at that, it is often time regarded as the most difficult task yet. While we are mostly preoccupied with making sure our kids are safe and well taken care of, we sometime lose track of time and might even miss out on their varying emotions which might in turn be bad for their well being.

For the well-being of our kids, here are 5 sentences never to say to them


‘That child did better in that test than you did

The first most mistake most parents make is comparing their kids to other kids, this is really wrong as it will definitely affect the way they interact with kids their age. They will begin to see their peers as mere competition, taking the fun right out of everything.

Comparing your child, will also affect the way people perceive them as no one really likes to be friend with those who are way too competitive and can never just appreciate others for their effort. This can also bring about self esteem issues in the nearest future.


‘If you don’t finish your dinner, you will not grow up strong’

As this is sentence is most often being used by parents playfully, it must be noted that even as playfully as it was being said, it can go on to affect your child’s eating habit creating some sort of eating disorder/phobias for some certain meals. If you happen to have a kid, who seems to never want to finish his/her meal, all you need do is make them see how important each food is and the health benefits. This will go a long way in helping your child grow up to be a strong and healthy individual.


‘You are just like your father/mother’

Parents, often find themselves saying these words in annoyance, while some find themselves saying it playfully, regardless, we all must all avoid saying this to our little ones as this might make your child to begin to view the traits he or she shares with either you or your partner and if one partner is found wanting in some areas, we all know this will spell doom for such child.

Also, this can bring about your child avoiding you especially when such sentence is uttered in anger, as your child will assume the home is in chaos. So parents, no matter how angry we get, we should refrain from using such sentence.


‘I don’t want to hear a word from you’

Telling your child you do not want to hear a word from them in anger, might spell doom, as kid in their growing minds might take it to mean you do not want them in your life. We all know kids can be playful and might end up doing naughty things, but we should never speak to them in anger uttering these words. If we need to get the kids to be quiet, using a calmer and low tone can have just as much effect.



Bayo Ajibola

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