4 things single parents will not tell you about their situation.

Bayo Ajibola

How to cope as a single parent.Things that Single Parents will not Tell you

With the stigma surrounding single parenthood, women are judged more harshly by a society that understands nothing of their predicament. In most cases, it is assumed that their poor judgment and character got them in the situation they are in. Most people do not think of the death of a partner as a reason why you are a single parent. They will think of the worst first and only become empathetic to your situation when they learn the truth.

From a single parent’s perspective, everyday is a struggle to be a parent to your child and an outstanding member of the community. Here are 4 things single parents will not tell you about their situation.

  1. How every negative on their situation hurts their feelings – Single parents can present a strong and independent front but deep down they remain vulnerable to comments about them. While they may come off as don’t care to what the society thinks of them, they actually do care. Every nasty comment or remark on the lives without understanding their situation cuts deeper than a sharp blade and hurts their feelings. The society needs to be more accommodating of single parents and considerate of their emotional well being.
  2. What financial struggles they are facing – As a single mum, it is assumed that you are probably receiving child support from your EX. As a single dad, the society expects you to be in a position to cater for all your kid’s needs. When they see all your children’s needs are met, they assume you have a great financial muscle. This is not always the case and it takes a lot of sacrifices and struggles to be able to provide as a single parent.
  3. How lonely it can get being a single parent – Maintaining an active social life as a single parent is challenging especially if your kids are still young. Even the few times you will manage to hang-out with your friends, your mind will still wonder from time to time. You also will not be as random as before on plans and meet-ups. This limits your chances of socializing and you would rather stay at home. If your friends are not understanding of your situation, you will endure loneliness since most of their plans will not align with your current situation.
  4. The sacrifices they have had to make for the sake of their children – Single parenthood is an act of selflessness requiring multiple sacrifices from the parent. You will need to sacrifice your relationships with friends and others, your social life will need restructuring, your work life will need to be reorganized to accommodate your child. You will sacrifice some little pleasure of life just to make ends meet and be available for your child when they need you. No one can understand these sacrifices besides you and it is easier to keep it to yourself than try to explain to others.


Single parenthood is not easy on anyone. Both single dads and mums face a couple of challenges and do hope for a little understanding of their situation instead of judgment. Support from friends, family and the society at large goes a long way in making their lives a little easier. Next time you interact with a single parent, be mindful of your remarks on their lives and only speak positivity into their lives.

Bayo Ajibola

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