4 Things You Must Do Before Your Baby Arrives

Bayo Ajibola

Hurray, you are finally in the third and final trimester, congratulations! Yes, we know how anxious you are now to meet your baby and yes, you are not the only one feeling this way. However, are you certain you are truly ready to meet your little one? For some first time moms, this may come as a bizarre question but they need not worry because as we said it is their first time.

This article will prepare you on things needed to be settled before your baby arrives. Ready mums? Lets go!

Take Parenting Classes

before you became pregnant we are certain you must ave come across people who offer unsolicited parenting advice, yes, its a common sight everywhere around the world. Now, there are no set rules on how to best bring up your child, but there are some certain steps you can follow to take proper care of your little one. So before he or she arrives, take parenting class and learn everything you can before your hands become full. Also, such classes prepares you for childbirth and its best taken at the beginning of your third trimester.


Find Out The Sex Of Your Baby

I have come across so many women who tell you they prefer not knowing the sex of their baby until it arrives, and yes, I respect this decision, but at the same time, knowing the sex of your baby before it arrives enable you plan very well. From knowing the color of clothing and personal items to shop for to knowing just about the perfect name to pick, the advantages that comes with knowing the sex of your child is enormous. So to all yummy fist time mums out there, endeavor o know the sex of your baby before the little one arrives.


Take A Tour Of Your Clinic

In this part of the world, its common to learn that some hospitals do not allow families inside the labor room. However, before your baby arrives, ensure you learn about the rules and regulations of your hospital. Take a tour of the hospital to know if you will be comfortable having your baby there. I recommend this is done at the very first trimester, thats before you register at any clinic for your ante-natals. Wen I was pregnant with my first, i did a lot of research about my hospital and made sure everything on my checklist was allowed there. Another thing, make a list and see if your hospital allows what’s on there.

Pack Your Hospital Bag

No one wants to be caught unawares when the baby comes. Make sure your hospital is packed and ready to go. I had my hospital bag packed and ready by my 34th week. However, it is best you pack your bags 6weeks to your due date. ll hospitals give you a list of what should be in your bag, so when you shop for them, have them packed neatly and kept somewhere easily accessible for when your little one is ready to be born.




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