4 Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids

Bayo Ajibola

Kids will be kids, no matter what we do and how ability to handle stressful situations that involves them, helps shapen their lives in the future.

Here are 4 things you should never say to your kids.


Use your words

Most parents make use of this sentence whenever their kids are fussy or cry for unknown reason, and this must be stopped. When you tell your kids to brush up their grammar/vocabulary so they could easily express their feelings verbally, you are only making such child uncomfortable and inwardly feeling inadequate. They are kids and there is every possibility that it will be difficult to remember all the words you taught the.

When you find yourself in situations where you might be tempted to use the above phrase, calm down and use this instead,  “Are you feeling x or y…?” and “Let’s think about it.” This not only helps them learn the new words easily but also helps you bond with your child.


Let me help you

In as much as kids ill be kids, parents must refrain from using this sentence all the time as it only makes your kid feel inadequate. Your child will find it difficult in solving problems on his or her own. You undermine your kid’s independence, when you offer them help all the time and this could even negatively interfere with his or her development. Instead of offering help all the time, parents should rather ask guiding question or make a suggestion. You can always say, “Have you tried using the bigger blocks?” when a child is trying to solve a puzzle.


I am too fat

No one and definitely not kids need to hear how insecure you are about your body. When you keep saying you are too fat in the presence of your kid, you are indirectly teaching them to be insecure about their body. Some kids become too conscious of their own shape and become fixated, especially if they are wither on the chubby or skinny side. Instead of obsessing about your shape, talk about healthy eating and why you prefer certain foods. Ensure you do not talk about certain foods that make you add unnecessary weight.Say things like, “We’re eating greens because they really make us feel good.”


Don’t talk to strangers

Most parents are fond of saying this as a way of keeping their kids, and truth be told, can they be blamed with the number of kidnapping cases we all read about daily. However, when you tell your kids this all the time, they will grow up fearful and overly suspicious and you do not want this. As kids grow up, they become exposed to risk must learn how to deal with it. Instead of telling them to run and not talk to strangers, It is way better to warn them about certain suspicious behavior which should make them be on guard whenever such are exhibited by strangers. Warn your kids about people asking them for help. To teach them this, you can act out a scenario by asking them say for example “What would you do if …”, quoting one of the scenarios you have practised.

Bayo Ajibola

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