4 Things You Think Are Act Of Love That You Should Never Do To Your Child

Bayo Ajibola


Being a parent, as I have said countless times is no joke, as it comes with the belief that even as a new one at it you must be perfect in the job. From so many websites giving us different advice on how to raise our kids, to even  a few persons in our everyday life, taking up the advisory counsel position in our lives. It simple, there is no perfect way in raising a child. So many things we read or are told are ways of showing our kids we love them, can in actual sense be detrimental to their being.

Here are 5 such things we should try as much as possible to stop.


Making the kids center of our world

No one will doubt your love for your kids, absolutely no one if you decide to give them little space and watch them grow to be the person they really should be. For babies, yes, they do need to be the center of our world as we need to watch them every minute, but for kids already grown, it is very important that we allow them grow to be their own persons. Catering to their every need will only make them rely on you and stop them from being independent.



When you ignore good/positive behavior

Kids only begin to learn right from wrong as they grow up and when they do good things or show positive behavior, we as parents have to commend for it. Doing this will definitely go a long way in building their self-confidence. So, when next your child, sweeps the house, or washes the dishes, you’d be surprise how a simple ‘Thank you’ from you will make them feel.


Attending to negative behavior in unproductive ways

Kids will be kids and yes they will sometimes do things really negative, when such does happen, it is very important that we treat it immediately. Parents should know that their go to way of always yelling when kids do bad things will one day become less effective, as the kid will see it as a normal way of life. So when next your child acts in a negative way, keeping a straight face and reprimanding them without raising your voice, will do the job.



Being lenient when rules are broken

So many parents, have rules they put up for their homes, if you happen to be one of such parents, let it be known that it is very wrong to bend the rules or be lenient when in you need to be strong. Regardless of what must have been done, parents should see to it that every rule broken comes with a consequence that must be meted out. Also, parents must stick together. The moment one parent bends the rule for their kid, the other will forever be tagged the ‘bad cop’ and this will bring about issues for the child later on. Parents must be consistent when punishing so the child knows no bad behavior goes unpunished.


Bayo Ajibola

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