4 Things Your Toddler’s Complaints will Teach You

Bayo Ajibola

4 Things Your Toddler’s Complaints will Teach You

Toddlers seem to keep complaining and throwing fits about a lot of things and you just can’t seem to get them satisfied. Your little girl may go on and on about seemingly similar things every day and you start wondering whether she learnt that from you.

This is however part of a child’s way of expressing themselves. What you hear may be constant complaining but if you listen closely, these same complaints will give you a lot of insight into what kind of person your little toddler currently is. Most people assume that a child’s character can be assessed from their good behavior only but what is termed as ‘bad behavior’ and gets on your nerves as a parent can take you down that road as well.

What they complain about and the exact words they use will give you an idea of the things that are important to them and the sense that is most dominant in them.

Auditory child

This one will complain about you not listening to them and they will be very vocal about it. They may be whiney in general and may talk a lot. The words you may hear them using often include hear, listen and anything that pertains to your sense of hearing.

When such a child is talking to you make sure you respond appropriately throughout the conversation. Answer questions or throw in a comment.

Visual child

This is all about the eyes and what they perceive with them so they are likely to complain when you rearrange their room or toys or refuse to eat because the food does not look pleasant. They may even want to choose theiroutfits so as to avoid looking a certain way. See, watch and look make up a large part of their vocabulary and regular speech.

If you are having a conversation with such a child you will need to stop what you are doing and give them your full attention. Look them in the eyes as they talk to you and be sure to respond if it is called for.

Tactile child

Such a child wants to connect with other people using the sense of touch. They may issue commands that are physical in nature to people. These include, “come here”, “play with me” or even want to help a situation by cuddling the other person.

Touch, hold hands and give a cuddle whenever you can. This works to assure the child that you are indeed listening and understand what they need.

Smell or taste child

You will hear such a child focusing on their feelings and emotions. She will be overly sensitive and the discussions will focus on the feelings and emotions they and other people experience. Even dolls and different toys will have feelings in their eyes and they may want to express these on their behalf. Her doll may be sad and she may dislike that you don’t let her eat icecream.

You will need to show a little empathy and be a little more thoughtful in your actions towards her. This will let her know that you understand her point of view.

Knowing how to respond to their dominant sense will make it easier for you to solve an issue pertaining to your child. This will make them feel listened to, loved and consequently reassured. This reduces the number of complaints you will have to encounter or at least the length of time you will have to listen to them at a go. It also builds their self-confidence in the long run so listen to every word carefully.

Bayo Ajibola

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