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Your kid got a score of 3 over 20 in his latest test score. It wouldn’t have been particularly disturbing to you if not for the fact that this is a resemblance of his last week’s performance in a spelling exam; not mentioning his last term’s report sheet which was as depressing as when you missed that flight to your inauguration as the chairman of a council committee.  And now this… Could this kid really be as dumb as these scores suggest??? Could it be the school? Or is this low level of intelligence as a result of his genes? (which you secretly believe must have come from your wife’s family, lol).

You may not be so sure of an answer to any of these but one thing stands sure: a dip in academic performance has a root cause and equally demand quick attention. Its ability to demolish a child’s self-esteem is so severe in certain cases that it takes lots of years of reading Brian Tracy and Anthony Robinson’s books for the then grown child to have any form of self-worth and confidence in him or herself. Also, it could create a strong aversion in the child towards any academic activity, or even school as a whole. Popular Nigerian music artiste Timaya, once hinted that his perpetually rock-bottom school grades were the pointers that informed him that school was not for him. Years later, he’s gone on to take advantage of his talent and with some sunshine from mother luck, he blew up successful.

But only God would understand what other powerful use he would have been to society if only someone had taken a boldresponse to help him through his academic pains. He probably might have been amongst the teeming league of researchers putting in effort to find a cure to some debilitating ailment in the world today, who knows? So…what rapid action or steps could you take now to keep your child in school? Fail grades may mean more than weak brain strength;  it can be a symptom of hidden challenges the child is going through. The goal here is not just to ensure he/she remains in school but to see to it that they enjoy the learning process. The following tips are guaranteed to set your kid back on “A” track:


Physical ailments can mask themselves only to be expressed through indirect ways. Vision problems, amnesia, impaired hearing, pruritus (itching), anemia, are just a few of the conditions that can negatively affect a child’s school performance. A simple disorder such as halitosis (bad breath) or body odour can influence how your child’s classmates will relate with him or her. This could in turn result in a reaction from your child that may lead to isolation or inferiority complex. Low-self esteem then easily set in, tarnishing whatever little confidence he may still have left. This lack of confidence is one reason why a child may be scared of answering a question even when he knows the right answer. He’ll find himself never sure of anything.

A visit to an optician here is to ascertain if the kid’s sight has been picking the right figures during classes. It is likely he couldhave been copying the wrong notes from the board during classes if he has a sight defect.  A good medical check-up will take care of these aspects and may even expose undetected ailments.


You don’t have half as much right as you think you do to scold your child over a thing you’ve not yet talked with him about. Before you throw a parental tantrum over why he failed quantitative aptitude, don’t you think he could have a thing or two to tell you about why he’s not catching on to the subject? Allow your child that opportunity to speak. As he tries to express what he believes has been holding him back, you’d be able to pick up a point or two which he may not even mention. From there, it would be easy to see how best you can offer him help. Don’t confront, address.


When a teen is trying his or her hands on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or any forbidden habit secretly, it would have an overall effect on other aspects of the teen’s life. Ask the right questions and observe gently to see if your child has been ensnared by an addictive substance or habit. You don’t have to sound so suspicious, just silently observe what’s going on. If you’ve been close to your kids enough, you’ll note when there’s a wild change.


Finally and most importantly, enlist the services of a private teacher who will closely walk your child through the most difficult valleys of his academic problems. A tutor skilled at mathematics might as well help your child out in economics and other calculative subjects.

These are some of the ways through which you can help your child get a firm footing back at school.


Bayo Ajibola

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