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We all have in mind the ideal picture of a wonderful family or parents we would want to be for our children. We all want to spend quality time together as a family not neglecting another fun part a happy family comes with, in which everything is shared with love, joy, and sweetness. But in “real life,” we spend more time managing the daily business of life, dedicating more time to things that are of less importance.

Below are five useful tips to a fulfilling family life:

  1. Taking time to celebrate the good things of the day

Instead of complaining about what’s wrong, we should start by celebrating what is right? It quickly transforms our daily worries in dramas; we might as well have a party of little positive things!

While taking dinner; take the time to celebrate the success/achievement in the family. Each family member, in turn, tells a small precious moment that has marked their day while toasting to a good life with a bottle of chilled champagne to celebrate the good news!

  1. Communication

Excellent communication skills are the top reason she and her husband continue to enjoy a satisfying family life. Before couples got married, they talk about everything, and they share everything together. There’s no other way to understand what your partner wants, needs or enjoys other than talking. And don’t make assumptions: Assumption has done more harm than good such that it has failed to establish the needed kind of conversational talk between couples.

  1. Keep trust alive

Trust is an essential factor to living a successful life. Great families are a reflection of the overall rapport and communications they have built over the years. To improve the level of trust in marriages, couples should try to praise each other outside the bedroom. If you do or say something disrespectful or critical to your partner during the day, try to resolve this before going to bed that same day. Comfort, trust and Ease, with each other (couples) happens when you engage in active listening. Great families get going by working more on the act of listening to their partner in an empathetic and active, way and reciprocate by confiding in him.

  1. Quality Timing

Quality time spent with family is an ingredient to having a fulfilled lifestyle; quality over everything in marriage, not quantity. It doesn’t matter if you spend much time with your partner; the most important thing is the amount of quality time spent together. Create more time to discuss matters arising in the marriage this helps to iron out issues happening in a marriage. There’s a big difference between versus having dinner while sitting on a couch watching the latest episode of The Voice, having dinner at a table while talking about your day at work. It’s fine to zone out together and enjoy distractions, but it’s important to ensure you two are still engaging and spending quality time together to maintain/improve a deep connection.



Bayo Ajibola

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