4 Ways to Protect Your Husband…Because He Needs It too

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Your Husband Needs You to Protect Him Too.

Ask any woman with a good husband and she’ll tell you that her husband makes her feel safe. A good husband will make every effort to protect his woman and her honor and will always be there whenever she needs him. It happens almost naturally and creates a great environment for a woman to thrive. The woman gets easily caught up in it and doesn’t take the time to reciprocate.

You’re wondering how on earth a woman would reciprocate protection, right? She’s the weaker sex and probably physically weaker too (unless she’s a sumo wrestler or any kind of wrestler for that matter). A woman can protect her husband but it comes in a different form. Your strength is likely more in nurturing and this will come in handy for this new protection role but you will need to go a step further.

How then, do you protect your husband?

Be attentive to his feelings

Many men are brought up with the notion that keeping their feelings bottled up is the manly way. This doesn’t mean they have none though. Your man has come to trust you over the years and once in a while he will open up to you. When he does, give him your attention. Listen to him without judging him or his thought process. He needs to know you understand him and that his feelings are safe with you. Give him the space to be and you will find that his love and trust deepens.

Don’t hurt his heart

Your man can get hurt too because he’s a human being like any other. You already know the kind of person he is, what makes him happy, what annoys him, the things he can’t stand and the things that would hurt him outright without even trying too hard. Try as much as possible not to be the one that makes him cry because it will hurt more when it comes from you.

Weigh your words and actions before doing them. Be intentional about your relationship with your husband because it makes a huge difference. Don’t be careless with your words and actions because being disrespected hurts. Keep your promises too and remember that one of these was to remain faithful to him.

Defend him and his honor

Let’s face it; your man is no saint. He will make mistakes and sometimes hurt you. Another fact of life is that you will always find someone willing to speak ill of your husband, and they usually appear when your husband pisses you off.

It can be very tempting to join in the conversation and badmouth your husband but you have to resist the temptation. Cover him. Defend his honor even when he’s not around to hear it. How would you feel if you found out your husband joins the gossip mill and even adds to the gossip basket when you are away? How would you react to know that your husband smiles at you when you are together but secretly tells anyone who cares to listen about your bad habits and skeletons?

If you have any issues with your husband talk it out with him. Badmouthing your husband to other people doesn’t help solve the situation. Not taking your challenges out of your home unnecessarily cushions your marriage and relationship.

Pray for him

God is the ultimate protector and is therefore the best person to take your husband to. Pray for him as the head of your home, pray for the choices he has to make, pray for protection over his life. You should also remember to pray for yourself so that God can equip you to be the kind of wife that your husband needs. Pray with him too so that he knows you care so deeply. A wife’s prayer over her husband holds so much weight so you should not underestimate the power of your prayers.

In all your efforts to protect your husband, remember that it won’t always be easy. Look at the bigger picture and you’ll see that by protecting your husband you also protect your marriage.


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