4 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Romantic Relationships

Bayo Ajibola


How Social Media Can Ruin your Relationships

Social media provides a platform to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances despite the distance apart. From local to international news, social events and business, social media is an opportunity to communicate to your audience at once. Social media has such an impact on our lives that it is impossible to find anyone with no form of social media presence.

There are several social platforms to share our lives with friends. However, this opens us up a whole lot of people’s opinions and comments on our lives and otherwise. Relationships have been the hardest hit part of our lives since social media presents an opportunity to seek opinion and comparison to our relationships. However how innocent a photo of you and loved one enjoying some alone together is, it can spark a lot of controversies or comments ruining the perfect moment.

Here is how social media is ruining relationships:

  1. It provides a quick checkup solution. It is no longer important for lovers to check on each other if they can have a quick chat on social media. Cliché as it may sound, having someone that is mindful of your wellbeing and takes time to check up on you says a lot about your relationship. Spending quality time just talking to each other about your life has more meaning than going through you lovers social profile to see their interests, hobbies, and what they have been up to lately.


  1. Social media ruins the special aspect of a certain event. For something to be special, it needs to be known to quite a few numbers of people. If possible just you and your partner. But the moment these should be intimate moments are posted on social media for all to see, the act ceases to be special and becomes one of those random things your partner did for you.


  1. Social media provides an opportunity for ex-lovers to reconnect. Nothing ruins a perfect relationship than contact with ex-lovers. It can start off innocently but soon graduate to meetups, constant communication and before you know it an old flame is reignited. Jilted lovers can also post awful comments on your social media platforms creating problems in your new relationships.
  2. Social media can influence the course of a relationship. Social media can influence a lot of things about relationships. From wanting to keep up with the dating trend to analyzing how your relationship compares to that of your friends and heeding misleading advice on dating, all these can have a negative influence on your relationship. It is important to understand that all relationships are different and unique in their own way.


A well-guarded relationship is more likely to succeed than one exposed to public opinion and influence. While it is important to remain socially active within our circles, sharing too much information on your relationship can have a negative effect. It is also important to spend less time on social media following our lover’s activities and spend more time in person with them to be involved in their lives.


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