WAYS TO BOOST YOUR FERTILITY. For some people, getting pregnant isn’t always so easy and when you are ready to take that leap into parenthood, there isn’t any way to really predict exactly how quickly you’ll be getting a positive on that pregnancy test.


If you are a healthy adult and you have sex regularly without the use of birth control pills, it is expected that you should get pregnant within the first year of trying. After all, about half of couples usually get pregnant within the first 6 months and bout 70-80% do in about a year.

However, there are quite a few things in the environment, in your modern ways of life – like stress and exhaustion – and in your diet that can totally mess with your fertility. Fortunately, there are ways for you to boost your chances of successful fertility treatment. Regardless of if you have only just started thinking about conceiving or you have been at it for a while without success, know that it normally takes your eggs about 3 months to mature so most immediate changes you try to make don’t yield immediate results. Ensuring that you are well rested often goes a long way in helping your body to properly prepare because if you are always exhausted or run down, your hormones get out of whack, and that’s bad for fertility.

The point here is getting your body in the best shape so that it can be ready for a healthy pregnancy and a successful birth.

Today we’ll be looking at 4 ways that you and your spouse can boost your chances of becoming parents to be by shedding some light on what to do and not to do to support fertility.


Protein does more than just keep you feeling fuller for longer, it is one of the essential nutrients responsible for the development of healthy eggs in a woman. To produce high-quality eggs that would be capable of growing properly and getting fertilized, your body needs really good sources of protein. Lots of studies have shown how important protein is in an adult’s diet and women trying to have babies are no exception.

In addition to this, you need to consume more water as well – 2 liters a day to be exact. Seems too much? Not really. By consuming an adequate amount of water, especially when on a protein diet, tends to improve your overall health which is also an essential aspect of fertility and pregnancy. Water assists the optimal performance of your body’s functions and processes, including pregnancy and ovulation.

Drinking water also helps to form the cervical mucus which assists the sperm to move up the woman’s genital tract to reach the egg.

So bottoms up!


We aren’t saying you should start training for a marathon or doing some extreme forms of exercise – which are definitely not ideal for those trying to conceive. What you need to do is to aim for moderate exercise at least 30 minutes each day which increases the flow of blood throughout your body and helps to maintain your weight.

The ideal body mass index or BMI for a healthy adult should be between 19 and 25. It’s been found that women whose BMIs exceed 25 tend to take twice the time to get pregnant and those with BMIs less than 19 tend to struggle with conception as well.

If your BMI is on the high side, you’ll be able to increase your chances of getting that bun in the oven if you slim down a bit because those extra kilograms make you more likely to experience irregular cycles or in some cases, to not ovulate at all.

So instead of yo-yo dieting and haphazard exercise, try to maintain a healthy heating habit – more leafy greens, less sugar and carbs – and proper exercise.WAYS TO BOOST YOUR FERTILITY.

After all, studies have shown that women who partake in one form of moderate exercise or the other such as taking brisk walks, gardening, swimming, yoga or housework are three times more likely to get pregnant.


Maybe you’ve been told to increase your consumption of calming teas to help you conceive, however, one drink that you should cut down or even toss out is alcohol. Sure, a teeny bit of alcohol won’t exactly hurt your chances of conceiving but it certainly won’t help your fertility either. Besides, doctors advise women to stop drinking when you are pregnant anyway, so you might as well start throwing it out, now that you are trying to conceive – or at least limit it to a weekly glass.

What’s more, it goes without saying that smoking isn’t good for you plus an increased consumption of caffeine will also hurt your chances of conception. So toss out all that unhealthy stuff and instead opt for a vitamin-packed fertility drink or smoothie.WAYS TO BOOST YOUR FERTILITY.


Well duh, isn’t that obvious, you say. Maybe it does sound obvious but you need to remember that more sex means better chances of getting pregnant. Ideally, couples are advised to have sex like every other day, especially considering that the fertility window is usually within 6 days before ovulation and within 3 days before ovulation, the chances of conceiving shoot up even higher. Having regular sex during this period would definitely boost your chances.

But that’s not all, you need to have a proper handle on your fertile window because it differs from woman to woman depending on the length of your cycle. Once some couples get the hang of this, they would then set a schedule and have sex within that fertile window and even until a few days after ovulation.

Having more sex doesn’t hurt your chances but be careful though, because too much can reduce your partner’s sperm count. Of course, how you do it is up to you, but make sure you are calm and relaxed about it.


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