4 ways to help manage labor pain.

Bayo Ajibola

Bringing a child into this world, is no joke, as there is a very strong reason why the process in achieving this life changing experience is called labor pain. Yes, mom, birthing child is painful but the pain might get worse should certain things be allowed in by you.

So many moms to be, who have read all sorts of stories on blogs have created that fear in themselves which if not deleted might evolve into something not so good.

So you are can expectant mom, and you have read several scary stories and even listened to a few, and you are ready to do what it takes to help reduce that pain of birthing child, fear no more, today we will be discussing 5 ways you can manage your labour pain, gotten majorly from research conducted on moms around the globe.


According to Stacey Rees, a certified nurse-midwife at Clementine Midwifery, in Brooklyn, New York,”the most important thing you can relax during labor is your mind,”. When are scared stiff of pain, you immediately tense up which in turn just makes the pain itself worse, this should not be so. You need to relax. Enjoy the time between and avoid spending the free time stressing yourself out on the pain coming.


To ensure you are relaxed, you should concentrate on breathing. You can either pant or just take  deep inhaling,  as long as the focus is on your  According to Rees, “I tell women their breath is the path through the contraction….and to just keep following that path until the sensation starts to fade.”

Rees, also recommends strong low-pitched moans instead of the high-pitched horror-movie screams, which only makes the throat tight and tense.  “With my second baby, I was able to make those low guttural sounds, somewhere between a Gregorian chant and a large animal near death,” Cardoso remembers. “But with my first baby, I just ended up screaming a lot.”

Move around

To help ease hyour labour pain, you should not stay in one position all day. You should, move around; you can either walk, sway or roll on a birthing ball when in labor.This does not only help with pain but makes your labour progress faster. “It really helped to be on my hands and knees, leaning onto my husband’s chest,” says Andrea Vander Pluym, of Oakland, California, mom to Bastien Brace, 3. “And I liked leaning over in the shower, leaning over the sink, leaning on the stairs — lots of leaning.”

Water Therapy

To help reducelabor pain, warm water, comes in very handy. “It felt absolutely amazing and so soothing to step into this 100 degrees F. water at the birthing center,” recalls Cynthia Overgard, of Stamford, Connecticut, mother of Alex, 3. “My doula [a person trained in childbirth support, who assists the mother physically and emotionally] began pouring cups of water over my shoulders — it was almost spa-like.”

The shower is also another amazing alternative as the stream of hot water will not only keep you relaxed but will massage you too.

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