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4 Ways to Keep Your Baby Healthy

Babies are born unable to take care of themselves. This leaves the responsibility to the primary caregiver who in most cases is the mother. For some people it looks like a very small task because after all, how difficult can it be to raise a tiny human being?

Those that have been parents for a while know that it is nothing close to that. It is a very intense journey and requires all your strength and commitment as a parent. It goes beyond buying clothes and ensuring there is a roof over your child’s head. People say that God always protects babies and this rings true for so many people but this doesn’t absolve you of your responsibilities. The baby’s health and wellbeing largely depends on you. How do you ensure this happens?

Get informed

There is no one person who knows everything about babies and especially if you are not a specialist. Just because you have had another child before or have raised your own siblings doesn’t mean you have all the information you need.

You should therefore read as much as you can and talk to people who have the right information. Research will always stand you in good stead because information never grows old, especially about raising children.

Find out what your baby needs at different stages, what certain reactions mean and how to handle different situations and you are well on your way to great parenthood.

Feed him properly

Food is so important at every stage of growth but you need to know the right foods for every stage. Babies should ideally be breastfed so making sure the baby gets enough breast milk during every feeding will keep him nourished at all times.Formula may be an option for those who don’t want to or can’t breastfeed but remember breast is best.

Once the baby is weaned give the right foods and in the right portions. Try as much as possible to make the food yourself instead of buying processed foods from the supermarket. These will probably have a number of additives that are not good for your little soldier.

Get him vaccinated

This is one touchy subject for some parents because they think that keeping their baby’s system ‘clean’ will keep them healthier for longer. The truth is that the body needs to be exposed to these pathogens or viruses for it to develop some resistance to them. Would you prefer that your baby’s system gets invaded by the actual disease or that your baby’s system be prepared for the disease when it comes?

Vaccines help your baby’s body develop antibodies thus preparing them to fight the infection if it ever comes. It is a method of protection and not a weapon of destruction as many people have come to believe. Children’s vaccines are not laced with HIV or cancer or any other fatal disease for that matter. Getting your child vaccinated will save you a lot of money in the future whenever outbreaks occur and will definitely save you the anguish of having to watch your child suffer through an illness that you could have prevented with that vaccine.

Be good to you

A healthy, well-rested and happy parent is a recipe for great parenting because raising a child is a lot of work. Make sure you eat right, get some rest even if you will have to enlist the help of a babysitter and make time to do the things you enjoy doing like swimming, taking walks, watching a movie or reading a book. Your blood pressure and baby will thank you for it.

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