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How to prepare for breastfeeding

You are pregnant now and once the baby is born they will need nourishment. The almost default situation is that you will breastfeed your little prince to give him the nutrients he will need to get through infancy. This is a natural process and it is easy to assume that it will be simple to adopt and adjust.

There are some serious horror stories that have been peddled around and these may leave a new inexperienced mothervery scared of letting her precious baby near her precious boobs. People talk about cracked and bleeding nipples, extra sagging breasts due to breastfeeding and others worry about getting turned on by their baby’s suckling.

It really is not all that bad and it can get even better if you prepare for it in advance. You must be wondering how you can possibly prepare in advance yet it is a more practical than theoretical thing? Here are a few tips to get you going.

Read and read some more about breastfeeding

There is a lot of information about breastfeeding available in books and on the internet. Find out about increasing your milk production, your diet as you breastfeed, getting your baby to latch on properly, breastfeeding best practices andhow to tell if your baby is getting enough milk (this will involve checking soiled nappies so get your head in the game).

You can find breastfeeding videos online or simply find a friend or family member that is breastfeeding properly and watch them. Ask questions about what it feels like and such so that you can get a real preview of what is going on. Hang around and talk to mothers that enjoy breastfeeding so that they can show you the good side of breastfeeding too to counter thosehorror stories.

Some things could present a problem during breastfeeding. An example is tongue clip in your baby and this may make your baby have trouble breastfeeding. Doctors will need to check the inside of your baby’s mouth to ascertain that everything is okay.

The first few days will be a little difficult because the baby will be adjusting to the new environment and you will probably have no milk. Some people worry about the baby not getting food during that time but it is when they learn how to coordinate the sucking, breathing and swallowing involved in breastfeeding so don’t get tempted to give formula as the baby may not be able to handle liquids flowing into his mouth yet.

Familiarize yourself with your ‘twins’

Everyone has a different set of breasts. Get to know what yours actually look like and how this will affect breastfeeding. Inverted or small nipples and small boobs may pose some difficulty. You should familiarize yourself with your physique in advance so that you learn to work around any difficulties before you have a crying baby on your lap.

Get your cheering squad together

Every new mother needs moral support to get through parenting. Make sure you talk to your partner, family and friends so that they can provide positive reinforcement when you feel like quitting.

Create a feeding zone

Once you get used to it breastfeeding may be among those moments that allow you to relax and wind down. You can choose a specific seat and place a few things next to it to improve the experience for you. A stand with some snacks, your phone, TV remote, water and maybe even a book should help you catch up on that movie or novel, keep your tummy fed as breastfeeding can get you hungry and some water to keep you hydrated.

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