4 Ways You Can Protect Your Baby From Everyday Safety Hazards

Bayo Ajibola

Like I always say, birthing a child, is the easiest part of a being a parent, once that child comes into this world, then a parent’s main job begins and this goes on till date.

From caring for them to keeping them safe, a parent is always on their toes but even at that, accidents happen and as we all know, Kids will always be kids.

There are several safety hazards parents are unaware of but today’s article will enlighten us about these hazards and what to do to avoid them. Enough said right…let’s dive in.


Choking and suffocation


This hazard is top on the list and we must address it. A lot of things can lead to your child choking, which includes kids swallowing small objects to even feeding, sleeping, e.t.c, all this can in a way make your child choke messing with their breathing.

To avoid this, remove any toy that has detachable parts, kids can easily remove and put in their mouths.

For feeding, first look for a comfortable position to feed your child then give them small portions to chew and swallow.

When its time  to nap, avoid putting your child down on their stomach as this alone can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Also, avoid sleeping with your child as both the surface of your bed and possible movements while asleep could harm the baby.


Friends Homes Who Do Not Have Kids


Socializing as parents is a must as this does not only help you as a person but your kids. But issues might come up when you need to visit a friend who is yet to have kids, you know such homes might not be baby proofed, what do you do to avoid having to put your little one beside you all through your visit? Set up a play yard for space for them. This allows you to worry-less about your little one and enjoy your time with friends.


Place packed full of people

A child runs towards Abdul Yusuf Haji amid a shooting spree at Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi

Yes, as a parent, there will be times you have to visit places packed full of people. Places like the mall, amusement parks, parties, e.t.c and of course, your little one[s] will need their freedom to explore and just have fun, no need to worry. For those whose kids tend to stray, simply have your information on a card and place it in your kids pocket or bag you never know it might come handy.




For those who own cars, having a car seat installed in the car is a must. Installing the seat also must be done properly as several people get this wrong. The right way to install a baby seat in the car is to put the seat rear-facing.

Another issue with car seats is when the kids begin to grow older, they might learn how to unbuckle the harness themselves, without so much as a hoot when doing it. It is very important that you teach your child basics of safety. You can do this by putting a reward system in place or some educational cartoon shows to hold their attention.







Bayo Ajibola

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